• Empowering Women to Lead Digital Transformation programme – Update

    17th November 2021 by

    Blog by Sam Cox, Policy Officer, People, Strategy, and Corporate Services Division. At the end of my last blog post about my experience on the Empowering Women to Lead Digital Transformation programme,  I had recently completed my first two face-to-face learning sessions, one coaching session, and a variety of collaborative team meetings surrounding our group…

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  • Launch of 2020 Analytical Exchange programme

    3rd February 2020 by

    Blog by Professor Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician & Data Officer, Scottish Government The Analytical Exchange programme matches analysts working in Scotland with voluntary sector organisations requesting help around data, analysis, statistics and research on very short sharp projects. These can be anywhere between an afternoon to 10 working days. Individuals or small groups of statisticians,…

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