• Scotland’s Digital Strategy – Progress report published

    22nd May 2024 by

    Blog post by Yorath Turner, Chief Operating Officer for Digital, Scottish Government. A progress report entitled ‘A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world: Progress report 2021 – 2024’ has been published on the Scottish Government website. Scotland’s Digital Strategy, “A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world” was…

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  • Are you a transformational leader passionate about data in Scotland?

    24th April 2024 by

      Blog by Tom Wilkinson, Chief Data Officer, Scottish Government Public sector data is a vital component in making sure that services for the people of Scotland are delivered efficiently and effectively. In an increasingly complex world, data plays an ever-expanding role in shaping and supporting economic, societal and environmental transformations. To support the public…

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  • Unlocking the Value of Data Programme report published

    12th September 2023 by

    The Scottish Government commissioned this multi-disciplinary group to explore the issue of private sector use of public sector personal data in Scotland, as public sector data controllers had identified the need for clearer guidance in this area. The report proposes high-level principles and a series of recommendations to guide ethical access to public sector personal data in Scotland.

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  • Independent Expert Group delivers Unlocking the Value of Data report

    10th May 2023 by

    I write this blog post at the end of the week in which the Independent Expert Group (IEG) on Unlocking the Value of Data (UVOD) delivered our final report to the Scottish Government. The IEG has been in existence for just over a year, and comprises a multi-stakeholder group of experts from different domains and disciplines united by our interest in public sector personal data and how it can be accessed by the private sector.

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  • Update from the pilot Public Engagement Panel – exploring data ethics for public sector data.

    23rd March 2023 by

    In my last blog, I introduced the pilot Data and Intelligence Public Engagement Panel organised by the Scottish Government, Research Data Scotland, Sciencewise and Ipsos Scotland. In the Scottish Government we are working to ensure that Scotland fulfils its potential in the constantly evolving digital world. This engagement pilot focused directly on data ethics in line with the vision for Scotland to become an Ethical Digital Nation, and the recommendations will feed directly into the Digital Health and Social Care’s Data Strategy.

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  • Gold award for Connecting Scotland at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards

    13th March 2023 by

    Connecting Scotland won Gold in the ‘Working Together’ category at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards in London on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

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  • The Digital Scotland Design System kit for Figma

    24th February 2023 by

    Blog by Kevin Allen, Lead Graphic Designer, User Centred Design, Digital Transformation Division. The Digital Scotland Design System team are committed to providing the tools necessary to create accessible and inclusive digital services across the public sector in Scotland. We have recently updated the prototyping section on the design system website to include the Figma…

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  • A digital identity service for Scotland – the road ahead

    15th November 2022 by

    You can hear more about our progress and future plans by joining our online event on 16 November (14:00-16:00). Registration for ‘A digital identity service for Scotland’ is now open – and everyone is welcome.

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  • Public engagement and the digital identity service

    1st November 2022 by

    During the development of the digital identity service, we have embraced the Scottish Approach to Service Design with people actively taking part in the definition, design and delivery of the digital identity service.

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  • Salutogenese!

    14th October 2022 by

    No it isn’t cheese. More’s the pity. Or a welcome in any language (*as far as I am aware). It originated in the health space and relates to looking at factors that support wellbeing rather than at those which are creating the problem. Using a salutogenic approach means examining a whole range of factors – including environmental, social, emotional and intellectual – to promote good health rather than just tackling illness. In societal terms, and in Scottish Government terms, this means looking at a person centred approach. It means dealing not just with the perceived problem or the issues the problem creates, but actually making an improvement to someone’s life that can have a ripple effect to other parts for that person or for those they love.

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