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Health Protection Scotland Publish COVID-19 Guidance for Non- Healthcare Settings

March 9, 2020 by No Comments | Category COVID-19, Funeral directors, Guidance

Health Protection Scotland have released guidance that applies to those working in the funeral industry, including funeral directors and their staff.

Sections of the guidance point to:

  • Other already released guidance that most of those working in the industry will be aware of, but there is new information available on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements;
  • environmental decontamination (cleaning and disinfection) after a possible case has left a workplace or other non-healthcare setting, including recommendations on when to use PPE, how to handle waste, laundry, etc.; and
  • home visits, the recommendations from which could be easily adapted and adopted for those tasked with uplifting bodies from private residences.  There is guidance in the home visits section for if there is a household member in self-isolation, for example.

There will be a number of other sections in the guidance applicable to the funeral industry, so make sure to have a good look through.  The guidance is available for download from Health Protection Scotland’s website here: