Funeral Industry News

  • Main Guidance Documents Updated In Advance Of Monday 2 November

    30th October 2020 by

    Today (30 October) we have updated our 3 main guidance documents for the funeral industry: the funeral director guidance; funeral services guidance; and burial and cremation authorities guidance. Each has been updated to account for the new system of local protection levels, which will be introduced from Monday 2 November. Scotland’s Strategic Framework sets out the...

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  • The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) Pandemic Response Planning Guide 2nd Edition Available Now

    20th October 2020 by

    The NAFD originally made their Pandemic Response Planning Guide available for all funeral directors back in March 2020. They have recently released the 2nd edition of the guide this October, which has again been made available to both NAFD members and non-members alike. There are a number of supporting documents to accompany the guide. These...

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  • Using Outside Speakers At Crematoriums

    19th October 2020 by

    Cremation authorities are respectfully asked to discontinue using speakers outside at crematoriums for all funerals. Funeral services are restricted to a maximum of 20 people attending a funeral service to protect public health. The use of speakers to broadcast a funeral service can mean others above the maximum number are more likely to gather together...

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  • Funerals And Wakes Exempt From New Restrictions

    9th October 2020 by

    The First Minister announced on 7 October some tightening of restrictions including for bars and restaurants across Scotland. In specific areas of Scotland: Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire & Arran, Lothian and Forth Valley, those measures are even more restrictive. A funeral service, as well as a funeral reception/ wake are exempt from the...

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  • Carrying The Cords And Coffin

    7th October 2020 by

    Prior to the pandemic, family members could participate in the lowering or carrying of the coffin at the crematorium or the burial ground. They were routinely assisted and directed by funeral directors and/ or their staff, or at burial grounds, burial ground staff, in doing so. As experienced professionals, funeral directors, their staff, or the...

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  • Price Adjustments Of Some Lyreco PPE Stock

    25th September 2020 by

    The Scottish Government has worked with Lyreco to reduce the prices for Type IIr masks and aprons. This reduction in price will be visible on the webshop from 24 September. The prices charged by Lyreco are driven by market conditions – both where and when products have been sourced. Some prices on the framework may...

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  • Supplementary Form For Cremation Applications – Update

    17th September 2020 by

    On 3 April, we blogged about the introduction of the supplementary form that could be used by funeral directors when the signature of the applicant could not be obtained. The only reason for using the supplementary form is “unable to obtain a signature”.  It was always the expectation that the supplementary form would only be...

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  • Funeral Directors Asked Not To Request Medical Certificates Of Cause Of Death

    1st September 2020 by

    Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 11) and Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14) The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) (also known a Form 11) is a legal document. Registered medical practitioners involved in the care of the deceased prior to death and/or who have access to their clinical records, are...

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  • No Changes To Funeral Service Restrictions On 20 August Review

    20th August 2020 by

    In her statement to Parliament today (20 August), the First Minister did not announce any changes to the current funeral service restrictions. Current restrictions remain in place, which includes: a maximum of 20 people allowed to attend a funeral service at both indoor/outdoor venues, with face coverings mandatory at indoor venues (with some exceptions). The...

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  • Test And Protect Now Mandatory For The Hospitality Sector

    14th August 2020 by

    The First Minister announced that from today (14 August) Test and Protect is now mandatory for all hospitality businesses. The First Minister said: “[I]t is now mandatory for hospitality businesses, including cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars to collect customer and visitor contact details… This includes [the contact details of] customers and staff but also people...

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