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[Updated: 30/07/2020] Funeral Service Attendance Continues To Be Limited To A Maximum Of 20 People With Physical Distancing

July 10, 2020 by No Comments | Category Burial authorities, Cremation authorities, Funeral directors, Funeral services, Regulations

The First Minister Nicola Surgeon has today (30 July) set out the next steps in phase 3 of Scotland’s coronavirus route map.

No changes to funeral services were announced.

 What does this mean?

We continue to advise that no more than 20 people should attend a funeral service in person. This applies to both indoor and outdoor funeral services. This is to help prevent and mitigate any potential spread of the virus amongst different households and the wider community.

Those attending funeral services will continue to be subject to physical distancing measures, including staying 2 metres apart from other household groups. Therefore, depending on a venue’s capacity, this may mean that the total number of people able to attend a funeral service will be less than 20 people. Individual organisations, such as crematoriums, burial grounds or places of worship, are best placed to make a judgement about the extent to which they can safely accommodate funeral services in line with these restrictions.

Please note that this applies only to funeral services – other gatherings, such as wakes, are subject to the rules which apply to all other indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Those organising a funeral service should still be advised that in-person attendance at funeral services should continue to be kept to as small a number of people as possible.

The First Minister announced on 10 July a restriction on singing and chanting at funeral services, due to the potential for increased risk of transmission of the virus. It is therefore advised that recordings of music are used as an alternative at funeral services. More information is provided in guidance.

All of our funeral industry guidance is kept under review.

Crematoriums to reopen

From 15 July 2020, crematoriums have been permitted to open to members of the public. This enables cremation authorities to open for all services in addition to funeral services, for example, to view the book of remembrance or for ashes to be collected by individuals.

Each cremation authority can decide what is appropriate for their crematorium to offer at this time.

The cremation authority must continue to take reasonable measures to ensure that those attending a funeral service, or otherwise attending the crematorium for any other reason, remain 2 metres apart (except where they are from the same household, or a carer and the person is assisted by the carer).