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Test And Protect Now Mandatory For The Hospitality Sector

August 14, 2020 by No Comments | Category Burial authorities, Cremation authorities, Funeral directors, Guidance, Regulations, Test and Protect

The First Minister announced that from today (14 August) Test and Protect is now mandatory for all hospitality businesses. The First Minister said:

“[I]t is now mandatory for hospitality businesses, including cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars to collect customer and visitor contact details… This includes [the contact details of] customers and staff but also people such as cleaners and delivery drivers.”

It is not compulsory for people to hand over their data for collection to gain entry to a business. The focus is on the business having a system in place, and actively used, to capture people’s data, where people agree to it.

Test and Protect has not been made mandatory beyond the hospitality sector at this point in time.

However, it is critical that all businesses and organisations in the funeral industry continue to follow, and encourage compliance with, regulations as well as guidance.

Test and Protect is Scotland’s way of putting into practice the test, trace, isolate, support strategy. It will prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community by:

  • Identifying cases of coronavirus through testing;
  • tracing the people who may have become infected by spending time in close contact with them; and
  • supporting those close contacts to self-isolate, so that if they have the disease they are less likely transmit it to others.

Test and Protect will allow us to gradually change the restrictions that help to suppress the virus, and instead to contain it so that society and the economy can avoid a return to lockdown.

Thank you to the majority in the funeral industry for implementing the regulatory requirements and following our guidance.