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Coronvirus: Baseline Protection Measures Remain In Place

September 1, 2021 by No Comments | Category COVID-19

The Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): Staying safe and protecting others guidance is available to view here. This guidance came into force on Monday, 9 August and has since been updated to include a section on funerals and life events. While many restrictions have been lifted, some baseline measures remain in place which are extremely important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The four protection measures still required by law are:

  1. face coverings must be worn in all the same indoor settings and continue to be required on public transport (unless exempt);
  2. hospitality and entertainment venues are required to collect the contact details of customers so that Test and Protect can continue to contact-trace positive cases;
  3. as before, businesses, services providers and places of worship must have regard to Scottish Government guidance about measures to minimise risk of exposure to COVID-19 relating to their business, service or premises; and
  4. organisers of outdoor events of more than 5,000 people outdoors and 2,000 people indoors will still require local authority permission before they can go ahead, as this will allow us and local authorities simply to be assured of the arrangements in place to reduce the risk of large scale gatherings.

For the funeral sector, collecting contact details for Test and Protect remains strongly advised – this measure forms part of the national effort to suppress COVID-19, and supports the country to return to a more normal way of life. We are very grateful to all staff at burial authorities, cremation authorities and funeral directors for continuing to do all they can to adhere to the Test and Protect and related COVID-19 guidance.

As noted above, face coverings must be worn, unless exempt, in indoor public places, including at funerals. More information about wearing face coverings and exemptions at funerals can be found here.

Once again, thank you all for your continued adherence to the guidance and precautionary measures in place to keep everyone safe, and your ongoing work supporting families in these very difficult times.

If you have any questions regarding the guidance, please do not hesitate to contact