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Covid-19: Regulatory changes and guidance updates

January 28, 2022 by No Comments | Category COVID-19, Guidance, Regulations

On 25 January 2022, the First Minister announced further changes to the Covid-19 regulations and guidance, which impact on the funeral sector. The First Minister also announced the ‘distance aware’ scheme, more details below.

Regulatory changes

From today, Friday 28th January 2022:

  • The physical distance a person must maintain from others if they remove their face covering has been reduced from two metres to one metre. This applies in indoor settings where people have a specific exemption from the need to wear a face covering. Such exemptions apply, for example, to the person leading a funeral service or the person providing the eulogy, while they are performing that activity.

From Monday 31 January 2022:

  • It is recommended that employers consider implementing hybrid working – following appropriate guidance including on Staying Safe – with workers spending some time in the office and some time at home, as appropriate. The Scottish Government will look to employers to determine how best to manage this transition in consultation with workers and trade unions. Employers are encouraged to review their Covid-19 risk assessments before implementing this change.

Distance Aware Scheme

Distance Aware scheme was launched to help people who might be worried about going out. Badges and lanyards with the Distance Aware logo will be available to anyone who wants one, and will indicate to other people that the person wearing the logo would like a bit of extra space, and a bit more care taken around them. The badges and lanyards are available for free at mobile and community libraries across the country, and badges are also available in most ASDA supermarkets. They are also available online from some participating charities.