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Covid-19: Guidance updates and protective measures

January 21, 2022 by No Comments | Category COVID-19, Guidance

On 20 January 2022, the First Minister announced the relaxation of a number of covid protective measures from the 24th January 2022.  The Scottish Government guidance for Safer Businesses and Workplaces, Face coverings and Staying Safe guidance  have now been updated to reflect these changes.

It is important to remember that some Covid-19 protective measures do remain in place for the funeral sector, as set out in the guidance linked above, and that businesses have a duty to manage workplace risks under existing health and safety legislation, in addition to the specific requirements set out in the Coronavirus Regulations.  Businesses must continue to:

  • have regard to guidance about measures to minimise risk of exposure  to coronavirus; and
  • take such of these measures as are reasonably practicable to minimise the incidence and spread of coronavirus on the premises, for example measures which limit close face-to-face interaction, such as supporting working from home, making adjustments to the premises and putting in place protective measures such as signage, screens and other mitigations.

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