Funeral Industry News

  • COVID-19: Update to protective measures and upcoming regulatory changes

    22nd December 2021 by

    On 21 December, as a consequence of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the First Minister set out new protective measures.  These measures are considered necessary to help stem the increase in cases of COVID-19, safeguard health and protect the NHS, the emergency services and the economy while the booster programme is completed and...

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  • COVID-19: Updates on Regulations and Guidance, Face Coverings and Supplementary Form for Cremation

    16th December 2021 by

    Regulations and guidance: On 14 December the First Minister outlined new measures and guidance that will come into effect tomorrow, 17 December, in order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and to support staff and those arranging funerals. Businesses have a duty to manage workplace risks under existing health and safety legislation, in addition to...

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  • COVID-19: Update on staying safe measures and regulatory changes

    15th December 2021 by

    As Omicron continues to spread, the Scottish Government is setting out new guidance and measures to take effect from Friday to stem the flow of transmission, keep businesses and services open, and protect against pressure on health services.   The First Minister’s statement of 14 December is available to read in full here.   While funerals...

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  • First Minister announces changes to the rules on self-isolation

    10th December 2021 by

    Today, 10 December 2021, the First Minister of Scotland announced changes to the self-isolation rules for household contacts of Covid-19 cases. Household contacts: From 11 December 2021, if you’re identified as a household contact of a positive COVID-19 case, you will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days irrespective of vaccination status, PCR test result...

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  • COVID-19 : Business ventilation funding

    9th December 2021 by

    The Business Ventilation Fund is now open to applications and will remain open until 31 March 2022. The Business Ventilation Fund will provide funding to help small and medium sized businesses improve their ventilation, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The total funding package is worth £25 million, and was announced by the First Minister in September 2021. Businesses can claim...

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  • COVID-19: Certification Update

    24th September 2021 by

    Mandatory vaccine certification will be introduced in regulations under the Coronavirus Act 2020 and supported by guidance. The scheme will come into force on Friday 1 October (from 5 am) onwards, until further notice. The scheme will apply in the following higher risk settings: late night venues with music, alcohol and dancing live events: indoors...

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  • Coronvirus: Baseline Protection Measures Remain In Place

    1st September 2021 by

    The Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): Staying safe and protecting others guidance is available to view here. This guidance came into force on Monday, 9 August and has since been updated to include a section on funerals and life events. While many restrictions have been lifted, some baseline measures remain in place which are extremely important to...

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  • Coronavirus: Compensation for Self Isolation Bill 2022

    30th August 2021 by

    On 07 August 2021, the Scottish Government launched a 4 week public consultation “Coronavirus (Compensation for Self-isolation) Bill 2022” which runs until 24 September 2021.  We are very grateful for your input and engagement in this consultation. For further details about the consultation, please see the consultation paper or the Scottish Government’s launch on Twitter. Should you have any...

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  • COVID-19: Guidance update

    6th August 2021 by

    The Scottish Government’s ‘beyond level 0’ guidance has now been published and is available to view here. This guidance will come into force on Monday, 9 August. Until then, the current funeral-related guidance should be followed. Collecting contact details for Test and Protect remains strongly advised – this measure forms part of the national effort...

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  • COVID-19: Guidance Update and Move to ‘Beyond level 0’ on 9 August

    4th August 2021 by

    Yesterday, 3 August 2021, the First Minister announced  that all of Scotland will move beyond level 0 on 9 August, and advised on the continued use of protective measures. The restrictions easing from 9 August 2021 which the funeral sector will wish to be aware of specifically are: The legal requirement for physical distancing restrictions...

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