Funeral Industry News

  • Price Adjustments Of Some Lyreco PPE Stock

    25th September 2020 by

    The Scottish Government has worked with Lyreco to reduce the prices for Type IIr masks and aprons. This reduction in price will be visible on the webshop from 24 September. The prices charged by Lyreco are driven by market conditions – both where and when products have been sourced. Some prices on the framework may...

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  • Emergency PPE Supplies For Funeral Directors Available Through Our Contractor Lyreco

    9th June 2020 by

    [See this post for related information from 25 September 2020]   If you are a funeral director in Scotland and are in need of emergency PPE supplies, please download and send this Excel form with the information requested in both tabs completed. Then save it and send it directly to our third-party contractor Lyreco at:  Any questions about the...

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