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Since launching the fresh new Care Information Scotland (CIS) Service in June this year the Partnership and Engagement team at NHS 24 have been busy working with our partners and stakeholders to promote the benefits of the service.

For those who look after someone, need care themselves or are planning for future care needs, this re-designed service now serves as a national multi-channel resource allowing people access to comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information and signposting.

As we now support young carers (under 18) and young adult carers (18-25), a real focus of our work has been identifying ways to engage better and promote the service to young people and of course anyone or agency who plays a critical role with these age groups.

Over the last few months we have been able to take advantage of our existing relationships with many of the further and higher education institutions to attend Freshers’ events and distribute resources and information about the redesigned CIS service across Scotland.

Not only have we had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of students and not forgetting, staff who are carers, we have also taken the opportunity to promote these services to staff and students involved in courses such as:

  • HNC Social Care
  • NC Higher Health Care
  • Access to Nursing
  • Health Studies
  • Health Promotion

We must have impressed! As we’ve been invited back to several colleges and universities to do formal presentations about our entire range of health and care services and we will continue to attend a series of information days across Scotland. We really value these opportunities as it lets us connect with people, and let’s face it, everything we do is about people and how we can support them.

Uncovering people’s needs…
Engaging with people was also critical to the service redesign and indeed one clear recommendation made during our redesign discovery phase was an identified need for webchat. Potential service users told us that they want to engage digitally, therefore webchat has been integrated into our CIS we platform as a channel of delivery and we are pleased to say that the demand for this service has increased month on month since the launch in June. Our Health Information Advisors have also enjoyed communicating and supporting enquirers through this channel. Watch this space, as we’d really love to capture a case study in relation to this in the near future.

Ever evolving…
Of course nothing stands still and it’s only right that we continually strive to enhance our service offering. Taking on board user feedback and working alongside our partners and colleagues across the Integration and Reshaping Care and Care Support and Rights Division improvements are imminent.

We’d love to hear from you…
If you have any feedback or comments about the redesigned service, we’d really welcome this, contact us.

The Care Information Scotland helpline is available on 0800 011 3200 between 8am and 10pm seven days a week.

The online service is available at and includes video content, webchat and BrowseAloud, a speech and reading support tool which can also translate material into different languages.

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  • Richard Lyall says:

    The redesign was picked up by none other than the Arts and Humanities Research Council for the DeSID [Design for Service Innovation and Development Study]. Care Information Scotland’s redesign features as one of the case studies of good people centred service re-design. – this is the link to the report. Well done all involved.

  • Richard Lyall says:

    So pleased Care Information Scotland getting this plug Linda. It’s a great service and so delighted the offering has and will continue to improve.

  • Linda White says:

    Thank you for the helpful feedback.

  • SEO says:

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