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The King’s Fund Learning from Chief Officers in Scotland

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A year after the establishment of integration authorities the Scottish Government and the integration authorities’ Chief Officers invited The King’s Fund to work with them on embedding and developing their roles.

We are pleased to say that the King’s Fund has now published it’s report Leading across Health and Social Care in Scotland – Learning from Chief Officers experiences, planning next steps based on its work with Chief Officers.

Over the last year the King’s Fund asked Chief Officers to consider three key questions:

  1. What does the next level of maturity look like for the chief officers’ roles?
  2. How can the chief officers strengthen their leadership role and achieve their potential to lead whole-system change in health and social care across Scotland, both in their local integration authorities and by working as a network to co-ordinate, share learning and engage with national issues?
  3. What is the shared purpose/shared ambition for the chief officers and their network?

The chief officers came together to consider:

  • their individual roles, as leaders in their areas
  • how they and local integration authority partners are developing their roles together
  • how the network of chief officers is developing at national level
  • how they are working with regional and national partners
  • how they are working with wider stakeholders, such as their communities and third sector partners.

The report sets out how the Chief Officers of integration authorities have developed their role in the Scottish health and social care system – a narrative of their approach, achievements and direction of travel. It draws on research and analysis by The King’s Fund on integrating health and social care and system leadership, as well as policy guidance from the Scottish Government.

The report goes on to suggest how Chief Officers can develop their role and the integration agenda both locally and nationally and discusses areas of strategic importance for the shared future ambition for the network of Chief Officers. The report concludes by making recommendations to strengthen and further embed their roles.

You can read the full report on the King’s Fund website at

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