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Buurtzorg – An Innovation in Health Care

November 18, 2015 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

Buurtzorg care organisation, based in the Netherlands, has revolutionised the care sector in Holland using the old principles of community care.

Founded in 2007 by Jos de Blok, a former community nurse and manager, it has grown from just 4 nurses at its inception to one currently employing 9500 nurses, providing care to 70,000 patients a year.

Putting the person at the centre of the care they receive and following the principle that you don’t need to exercise control over professionals working at the front line of health and care, it has captured the imagination of not only the Dutch nation but is garnering interest from across the world.

Working closely with other health professionals is paramount to the success of the organisation, as is replacing the idea of completing task focused care with one focused on team focused care. The prevention of ill health is also at the core.
To see what we might be able to learn from Buurtzorg and whether a similar type model might be able to be used in Scotland, a small Scottish delegation, from a breadth of interests and professional groups, will visit the Netherlands in November to see the model working and explore the potential of Buurtzorg further.

Please contact Dean Pemberton for more information or keep checking Health and Social Care News for the delegation’s update following the visit.


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