Health and Social Care

  • The King’s Fund Learning from Chief Officers in Scotland

    22nd June 2018 by

    A year after the establishment of integration authorities the Scottish Government and the integration authorities’ Chief Officers invited The King’s Fund to work with them on embedding and developing their roles. We are pleased to say that the King’s Fund has now published it’s report Leading across Health and Social Care in Scotland – Learning from Chief Officers…

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  • Health & Social Care – The Occupational Therapy Contribution

    28th November 2017 by

    On the 1st November I joined around 90 Occupational Therapists and Managers in Dunblane to hear about the contribution they are making to the National Health and Wellbeing outcomes in relation to Health and Social Care Integration. Participants shared their experiences and progress within their own Partnerships and heard about approaches and models being used…

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  • New housing development supporting people with complex needs in Midlothian

    31st August 2017 by

    Last Friday myself and a colleague from Autism policy visited Teviot Court, a new purpose built specialist services for people with Autism, learning disabilities and complex support needs in Penicuik, Midlothian. The service has been built by Midlothian Council on the site of an old community centre. It will provide specialist 24 hour support, based on individual assessed needs, and…

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  • Chief Officer’s Spotlight: Keith Redpath, West Dunbartonshire

    24th September 2015 by

    Integration isn’t new to West Dunbartonshire – our successful Community Health & Care Partnership was established in 2010, and that has enabled us to now seamlessly progress into being a Health & Social Care Partnership that embraces adult and older people’s services, children’s service and criminal justice services. In taking all of this forward, I…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: Ron Culley, Western Isles

    28th August 2015 by

    To my mind, the integration of health and social care is centrally focused on answering two important questions. First, how do we use optimally the resources delegated to the Integration Joint Board? Second, what does the delivery of good and effective integrated care and support look like? The former is at the heart of the…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: David Lynch

    21st July 2015 by

    Integration in the dictionary is often described as a noun. It has been heartening to see that here in Dundee there is a doing dimension to the word; Integration as a verb, that implies tangible actions, progress and change. A good example of this was our work earlier this year around consulting on our Draft…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: Julie White

    26th June 2015 by

    These are exciting times in Dumfries and Galloway! Not only are we in the process of integrating our Health and Social Care services but we are also building a new, state of the art District General Hospital and embarking upon a huge clinical change programme to enable us to deliver a sustainable model of health…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: Christina West

    26th May 2015 by

    Argyll and Bute is geographically the second largest local authority area in Scotland. We have 23 inhabited islands, scattered, remote rural communities and a number of large towns. Locality owned, locality planned and locality delivered – this is the guiding principle for developing integrated health and social care services in Argyll and Bute. Our plan…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: Julie Murray

    20th May 2015 by

    – There has been an integrated Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) in East Renfrewshire since 2006, so we are fortunate to have quite a mature partnership with high degrees of trust and strong relationships, both across our parent organisations and with our partners in the third and independent sectors. We have an integrated management…

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  • Chief Officers Spotlight: Iona Colvin

    27th April 2015 by

    As you know, the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 legislates for compulsory integration of health and social care services for adults. In Ayrshire and Arran we have grasped the opportunity to extend integration, placing our children’s services and criminal justice services within our Health and Social Care Partnerships. Our Integration Joint Board (IJB)…

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