Marine Scotland

  • What’s the (Organic) Matter?

    13th March 2018 by

    Sir John Murray Copyright SEPA

    Picture of MRV Sir John Murray (SJM) provided courtesy of SEPA. Survey: 0118SJM Duration: 12-16 March 2018 Gear: Craib corer, CTD, Day grab and Auto sieve. Objective: To compare pore-water nutrients, sediment chlorophyll-a and organic matter content among seabed sediments from the Outer and Inner Firth of Clyde and sea lochs. Procedure: Figure 1 shows the stations...

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  • Trans-Atlantic Co-operation

    8th March 2018 by

    The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) in Massachusetts contacted Marine Scotland on the 20th February, requesting assistance to retrieve one of their gliders. The glider was deployed near Iceland, but had broken down and had been drifting at the surface since November 2017, and was now approaching the western coast of Scotland …fortuitously near to where...

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  • Celebrating the Year of the Engineer – a sledge isn’t just for Christmas

    6th March 2018 by

    For many years, Marine Scotland scientists and engineers have designed, built and deployed towed underwater TV sledges to view the sea bed. These sledges provide a relatively stable platform to study a variety of species and monitor various underwater sites. With experience, the design used in nephrops work has evolved and along with a forward...

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  • Bright lights; Big fish trials

    2nd March 2018 by

    Alba na Mara

    Survey: 0318A Duration: 8-22 March 2018 Equipment: BT 201 Prawn net – rigged with separator grid and two 80mm codends; Trawl doors, sweeps, bridles, backstrops and pennants; Spare netting and twine; Safety-Net Technologies light unit; PSL5000 light unit x 2; Lindgren Pitman Electralume light x10; 4 x 10m side emitting light cables; Battery pods; Video...

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  • EQUATING women in Science and Engineering

    1st March 2018 by

    EQUATEScotland logo

    In February, our Science IT manager Dave Keay (pictured right) was invited to speak at an event at Abertay University run by EQUATE Scotland and entitled ‘Building the Talent Pipeline’.   The half day event was aimed at promoting opportunities for women in Science and Engineering and was focussed on two aspects: women undergraduate work placements under the ...

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  • Getting to know your marine data – DataFest 2018

    27th February 2018 by

    In a little under three weeks, DataFest18 will kick off across Scotland.  This event showcases “Scotland’s leading role in data” through a two day summit, networking opportunities and a series of Fringe events across Scotland.  This year, Datafest18 has a particular focus on collaboration. With that in mind, Marine Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland (HES), Marine...

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  • Celebrating Science and Year of the Young Person with Andronikos Kafas

    22nd February 2018 by

    2018 Year of Celebrations

    As mentioned last month, 2018 is both the Year of the Engineer and the Year of the Young Person. This month’s blog is about one of our many colleagues who are inspiring the next generation with their Outreach work. This is Andronikos, one of our marine renewable energy scientists. To see what he does, in this...

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  • Trawling for ICES in the north and west of Scotland

    16th February 2018 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 15 February – 7 March 2018 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT 137) fitted with ground gear D. Objectives: Demersal trawling survey of the grounds off the north and west of Scotland in ICES Subarea VIa. To obtain temperature and salinity data from the surface and seabed at each trawling station. Collect additional biological data...

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  • Iambic Pentameter Meets the ICES North Sea Lemon Sole Benchmark

    14th February 2018 by

    Lemon sole

    Last year we introduced you to our Sea Fisheries Programme Manager, Dr Coby Needle. When he isn’t dealing with fish stock and assessment, or even sometimes when he is, he also writes. So here, in something a little different, we introduce you to the work of the ICES Benchmark Workshop on North Sea Stocks in poetry. Attend,...

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  • Celebrating the Year of the Engineer – Meet Neil Collie

    6th February 2018 by

    As we mentioned in our blog in January, 2018 is the Year of the Engineer as well as the Year of the Young Person. Over the course of the year, we’ll be introducing you to some of our incredibly talented engineers, as well as showing your some of their work. Next up, we hear from our...

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