Marine Scotland

  • Keeping an eye on the coastline with SCObs

    23rd January 2017 by

    Scientists in Marine Scotland, along with a small group of voluntary citizen-scientists, have been monitoring the physics, chemistry and biology at multiple sites in Scotland’s coastal waters since 1997. The sites monitored, shown on the left, include Millport, Mallaig, Loch   Maddy, Loch Ewe, Scapa, Fair Isle, Scalloway, Cromarty, East Coast and Stonehaven. Consistent ecological time series of data...

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  • Out of Doors with the Dolphins and Porpoises

    19th January 2017 by


    Last week, our Marine Mammals Specialist, Dr Kate Brookes was interviewed by Euan McIlwraith from the Out of Doors programme on Radio Scotland about the ECOMMAS project.  They had been intrigued after seeing our blog post about one of the acoustic loggers from the ECOMMAS array being found on a beach near Aberdeen harbour.  Euan...

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  • Scottish Fishermen Land 1000th Tonne of Marine Litter

    18th January 2017 by

    Our very own Professor Colin Moffat was asked recently to attend and give a short presentation at an event to celebrate the success of the KIMO UK’s Fishing for Litter scheme. Supported by partners, including the Scottish Government, the Fishing for Litter scheme encourages skippers of fishing vessels to land litter they catch in their...

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  • MRV Scotia Survey 0117S Programme

    4th January 2017 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 4-19 January 2017 Fishing gear: BT 137 with Ground gear E; Sediment Sampling: Day grab and sieves; Litter sampling: Catamaran neuston trawl; Plankton net; Water sampling: Aquatracka fluorometer, Seabird 19 and sled. Objectives: To undertake water, sediment and biological sampling for the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (CSEMP). To collect water samples for nutrient...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: Survey 0117A Programme

    2nd January 2017 by

    MRV Alba na Mara

    Duration: 4-20 January 2017 Gear: Large TV drop frame; TV sledge; 1 x 600m umbilical towing cable; 1 x armoured cable; Video cameras and associated equipment (plus backup); Four lasers and 60cm bracket for the drop frame; 1 x BT201 prawn trawl (plus minimal spares); Day grab and table; Prawn sorting table; and Go Pro...

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  • Festive antics on the MRV Scotia

    30th December 2016 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Scientists from Marine Scotland Science left Aberdeen on-board the research vessel Scotia on a Saturday morning in December to continue our long-standing monitoring work in the northern North Sea and in the Faeroe-Shetland-Channel. The international group from the Marine Lab consisted of two oceanographers, two engineers, one biologist, one modeller, one technician, and one chemist...

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  • Marine Analytical Unit monthly update – December 2016

    28th December 2016 by

    Peterhead Fish Market

    This month’s update from the Marine Analytical Unit is now available with the most up to date information about the fish price index, nephrops prices and key facts and figures on Scottish fisheries. Please note that the results from the MAU Statistical Outputs 2016 survey have now been published and can found online. Following on...

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  • A Very Fortunate Find

    23rd December 2016 by

    Recently, as part of the East Coast Marine Mammal Acoustic Study (ECOMMAS), some colleagues were out on the research vessel Alba na Mara to retrieve acoustic detectors; devices deployed and retrieved which help to build a picture of dolphin and porpoise population distribution. During the trip they searched for one particular mooring, approximately 5 km...

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  • Fine-scale harbour seal usage mapping around Orkney

    21st December 2016 by

    Seal Usage

    Marine Scotland has published a report on research commissioned from the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) to produce fine scale usage maps for harbour seals. With a spatial resolution of 0.6km x 0.6km, these provide very fine scale detail about the areas that are important to harbour seals.  While there are existing usage maps for...

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  • Scotland’s Marine Economy – latest figures published

    15th December 2016 by

    Scotland's Marine Economy

    The latest estimates of the economic contributions of Scotland’s Marine Economy for 2014 have been published today by Marine Scotland’s Analytical Unit. This estimate includes employment and gross value added (GVA) figures for Scotland’s core marine sector, incorporating fishing, aquaculture, fish processing, marine transport and oil and gas services. In 2014, Scotland’s core marine sector...

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