Marine Scotland

  • Fisheries data brought to life with a new interactive tool

    2nd December 2016 by

    Fisheries visualisation

    Marine Scotland’s Analytical Unit has developed a new interactive data visualisation tool as an easy way to view changes in fish landings into Scotland by Scottish registered vessels. Showing weight and value of landings from 2000-2015, information can be viewed for Scotland as a whole or for one of the 18 administrative districts: Aberdeen Fishery Office Anstruther Fishery Office...

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  • Marine Analytical Unit monthly update – November 2016

    1st December 2016 by

    Peterhead Fish Market

    This month’s update from the Marine Analytical Unit is now available with the most up to date information about the fish price index, nephrops prices and key facts and figures on Scottish fisheries, and also includes an article and link to the new Scottish Sea Fisheries interactive visualisation.  We will also be doing a blog about...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara Survey 2116A programme

    28th November 2016 by

    MRV Alba na Mara

    Duration: 17-30 November 2016 Gear: Surface and subsurface PAM moorings Objectives: To retrieve a series of moorings comprising dhan buoys (seven surface marked moorings) or acoustic release systems (23 subsurface moorings) and the acoustic recording devices attached to them (30 C-POD and 10 SM2M/SM3M) as part of the east coast marine mammal monitoring programme (see...

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  • MRV Scotia Survey 1716S programme

    25th November 2016 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 17 November – 7 December 2016 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT137) and ground gear D (hoppers). Objectives: To participate in the ICES co-ordinated western division demersal trawling survey. To obtain temperature and salinity data profiles at each trawling position. To collect additional biological data in connection with the EU data collection framework (DCF). Procedures:...

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  • Beaches in Scotland see a decrease of 18% in overall marine litter levels

    24th November 2016 by

    Beach Fitter results

    Readers of this blog will be aware of the work that some of our colleagues in Torry, Aberdeen, have been doing on tidying up the local beach area there. Colleagues from SEPA, SNH, JNCC and Marine Scotland have been cleaning up the area for some time now and in September, we were delighted to promote and be...

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  • MRV Scotia Survey 1616S Programme

    22nd November 2016 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 5-14 November 2016 Fishing Gear: PT160 pelagic trawl; BT237 new Jackson high standing demersal trawl fully rigged with 350mm rockhopper ground gear and 200mm floats; 1 Set Thyboron ‘flapper’ trawl doors; and 1 set GOV polyvalent trawl doors. Objectives: To establish a fishing protocol to fish the PT160 trawl close to the surface and...

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  • MRV Scotia Survey 1516S Programme

    18th November 2016 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 14 October – 3 November 2016 Fishing gear: Day grabs; TV drop frame with lasers (including rectangular footprint); armoured cable; Swathe multibeam echosounder system; RoxAnn system; Scout System; and smolt trawl. Objectives: To undertake bathymetric and ground-truthing survey work in connection with offshore oil and gas pipelines associated with the Brent facilities. To undertake...

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  • International Meeting on Aquaculture Disease

    16th November 2016 by

    On the 12-13 October 2016, the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen hosted the 2016 PD TriNation (Pancreas Disease) meeting, led by Marine Scotland scientist Dr Sandy Murray with the help of Norwegian colleagues Mona Dverdal Jansen and Britt Bang Jensen of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. The PD TriNation initiative was established in 2005 with the aims of integrating...

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  • Refining Estimates of Collision Risk for Harbour Seals and Tidal Turbines

    15th November 2016 by

    Fitted tide times

    As the offshore marine renewables industry grows, understanding the way that marine mammals, interact with these are of particular importance. This is especially true of tidal devices, and one particular concern is the risk of collision between marine wildlife and rotating turbine blades below the sea surface. This is a particular issue for harbour seals...

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  • An Award Winning Partnership

    11th November 2016 by

    Shona Turnbull (Highland Council), Tracy McCollin (Marine Scotland), James Green (Orkney Islands Council) and Kevin Stewart (Minister for Local Government and Housing)

    A working group, consisting of colleagues from Marine Scotland, Orkney Islands Council and the Highland Council, has received an award in the ‘Partnership’ category of the Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning (SAQP). The award recognised the work of the group, in developing the pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan, and was...

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