Marine Scotland

  • Fine-scale harbour seal usage mapping around Orkney

    21st December 2016 by

    Seal Usage

    Marine Scotland has published a report on research commissioned from the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) to produce fine scale usage maps for harbour seals. With a spatial resolution of 0.6km x 0.6km, these provide very fine scale detail about the areas that are important to harbour seals.  While there are existing usage maps for...

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  • Scotland’s Marine Economy – latest figures published

    15th December 2016 by

    Scotland's Marine Economy

    The latest estimates of the economic contributions of Scotland’s Marine Economy for 2014 have been published today by Marine Scotland’s Analytical Unit. This estimate includes employment and gross value added (GVA) figures for Scotland’s core marine sector, incorporating fishing, aquaculture, fish processing, marine transport and oil and gas services. In 2014, Scotland’s core marine sector...

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  • MRV Scotia Survey 1816S Programme

    14th December 2016 by

    Scotia in Scapa Flow by Michael Stewart

    Duration: 10-20 December 2016 Gear: Sea-Bird CTD/Carousel, sledge with OPC and CTD, ADCP mooring equipment, water filtering equipment Objectives: Test the CTD and sledge/OPC in the Buchan Deep off Peterhead. Perform routine hydrographic sampling at stations along the long term monitoring JONSIS section in the northern North Sea. Perform routine hydrographic sampling at stations along...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: Survey 2316A Programme

    12th December 2016 by

    MRV Alba na Mara

    Duration: 8-21 December 2016 Equipment: Sandeel dredge × 2 (modified 4′ scallop dredge with 6″ teeth and spare toothbars) with towing bar and camera attachment. TV camera. Minilogger (or equivalent – i.e. DST). Objectives: To determine the abundance, length and age of sandeels in the sediment from regions east of the Firth of Forth and...

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  • Marine engineers develop a new drop frame and camera system

    9th December 2016 by

    Marine Scotland Engineering staff have a history of building bespoke kit for scientists over a number of years. Most recently they have been working on the research vessel Alba na Mara to develop a new drop frame and stereo image system to increase our benthic monitoring capabilities. This system is used by both Marine Scotland scientists and...

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  • MRV Alba na Mara: Survey 2216A Programme

    8th December 2016 by

    MRV Alba na Mara

    Duration: 2-6 December 2016 Sampling Gear: BT 158 with 50 mm cod-end; 2 m beam trawl with 50 mm cod-end; Day grab and table; and Catamaran and manta neuston net. Objectives: To undertake flatfish sampling in St Andrews Bay, inner Firth of Forth, outer Firth of Forth and the Forth estuary in support of the...

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  • Musing the Multi-Uses in European Seas

    7th December 2016 by

    A team of experts, led by Marine Scotland, has embarked on a new project to look at how European seas are currently being used and what could be the real multi-uses opportunities. The Multi-Use in European Seas (MUSES) project, which will run until 31 October 2018, will review the existing processes used across the EU for marine and coastal...

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  • Scientists take ‘blue-action’ to help society cope with the impacts of dramatic Arctic climate changes

    6th December 2016 by

    Polar bear copyright Dirk Notz, MPG

    While the Arctic faces rapid warming and less sea ice currently covers the Arctic Ocean than ever before at this time of the year, an international partnership launches a major project to improve our detailed understanding of the processes and impacts of this changing climate and to construct better long-term forecast systems for the increasingly...

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  • Getting CORPORATE in Latvia

    5th December 2016 by

    Last week, the MarCRF project CORPORATES which includes researchers from Marine Scotland,  was presented at the 2nd Baltic Sea Maritime Spatial Planning Forum, in Riga, Latvia. The conference focused on marine planning in the Baltic Sea, particularly how to plan across countries borders. VASAB and ICES organised the conference, which served as the Baltic SCOPE project’s...

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  • Fisheries data brought to life with a new interactive tool

    2nd December 2016 by

    Fisheries visualisation

    Marine Scotland’s Analytical Unit has developed a new interactive data visualisation tool as an easy way to view changes in fish landings into Scotland by Scottish registered vessels. Showing weight and value of landings from 2000-2015, information can be viewed for Scotland as a whole or for one of the 18 administrative districts: Aberdeen Fishery Office Anstruther Fishery Office...

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