• Marine Scotland staff clean-up: 22nd June

    11th June 2015 by

    The clean-up in Torry continues with more and more people getting involved and community interest growing. Colleagues at the James Hutton Institute, under the watchful eye of Rose Towney, organised a clean-up on the 29th of May around Torry Battery and the shore. In total: 17 people were collecting over 5 hours (85 hours or 5,100...

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  • World Oceans Day 2015

    5th June 2015 by

    Today, 8 June, is World Oceans Day. The theme for this year is Healthy oceans, healthy planet. Our vision for Scottish seas includes the phrase ‘…. healthy, …. biologically diverse marine and coastal environments’. In our daily research, monitoring, assessment and management of human activities, we contribute to the delivery of our vision. This year,...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean-up: 1st June

    1st June 2015 by

    Last week, Danny Pendrey and Sarah Hughes from Marine Scotland Science met with Torry Community Council in Aberdeen to give a presentation on the marine litter clean-ups that they, and other colleagues, have been doing in Torry. The key areas addressed in the meeting were identifying where the litter was coming from and looking at ways to improve things, going...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean-up: 5th May

    6th May 2015 by

    Not letting a bank holiday stop him our chief litter picker, Danny Pendrey, enlisted the help of his family yesterday to collect some litter on the beach next to the lighthouse. As part of the regular ongoing clean up, colleagues will be going out this Thursday (7th May) to carry on the good work. For...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean-up: 30th April

    30th April 2015 by

    Marine Scotland and other colleagues in Aberdeen are continuing with their fight with litter on the beach with our colleagues, Danny and Mike, going out on Monday for a spot of impromptu litter picking around the shore and embankment. The eagle-eyed of you will spot the stats have leapt up. This follows Danny having a catch-up...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean up: 23rd April

    24th April 2015 by

    A big well done to everyone who has taken part in all of our beach clean-ups so far. The very good news is that we have almost reached the lighthouse – we are about 25 yards away. Once we have completed this stretch we will consider the marine litter clean-up phase complete, at least this...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean up: 15th April

    15th April 2015 by

    Another lunchtime, another pile of rubbish. Good work everyone in the heat and under the glare of the camera’s lens. Following editing our “film” is expected to go on our Marine Scotland You Tube channel, so keep a look out for it! Last week’s figures combined (grand totals): 5 bin bags of general waste (55) Collecting...

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  • Marine Scotland staff clean up: 2nd April

    1st April 2015 by

    Early in March, we told you about some of the fantastic work that colleagues in our Lab in Aberdeen have been doing to keep the beaches at Torry clean. Around 20 people turned up to help for the latest clean up, including colleagues from SEPA, SNH and JNCC from the neighbouring Inverdee House. The clear up operation went...

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