Marine Scotland

  • Celebrating 25 years of environmental monitoring

    25th October 2021 by

    Temora by Adrian Weetman Crown Copyright

    The Scottish Coastal Observatory (SCObs) is celebrating its 25th year of monitoring Scottish coastal seas. Operated by the Marine Scotland directorate of the Scottish Government, SCObs samples temperature, salt content (salinity), chemistry (nutrients, ocean acidification), microscopic plants (algal pigments, phytoplankton) and animals (zooplankton) weekly around the Scottish coast.

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  • What lies beneath

    26th January 2021 by

    Fourth turbine in the Shetland Tidal Array, ‘Eunice’ with the Northern Lights in the background.tidal turbine. Copyright Nova Innovation

    In Scotland's Marine Assessment 2020, our recently published web portal looking at the state of our seas, one of the case studies - Case study: Nova Innovation - Shetland Tidal Array highlights the role tidal energy can play in reaching our net zero ambitions and showing just how much power can be generated by one tidal turbine.

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