• Marine Mammals – updated demographics – how do we measure that?

    6th August 2020 by

    Understanding the impacts of human activities, and preventing harm to habitats and species, is one of the biggest challenges to marine industries. The Scottish Government’s Scottish Marine Research Energy Programme (ScotMER) has published three new studies to assist when assessing the impact of offshore renewable developments on marine mammals. These new reports pull together key…

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  • Recent Marine Scotland Science Publications

    9th June 2020 by

    Marine Scotland Science, as a core Scottish Government (SG) Division, is working to support SG’s overall COVID-19 response. It also continues to sustain critical marine science delivery and has over the last month produced the following notable publications: Armstrong, J.D., Branding, A., Main, R., Mitchell, A., Morris, D. & Ounsley, J. (2020). Science for crafting…

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  • Offshore Energy and Marine Spatial Planning Book

    23rd May 2018 by

    The generation of offshore energy is a rapidly growing sector internationally. Its expansion means competing for space in an already busy seascape, and as it develops it will have many potential impacts on established patterns of sea use, rights of access, and social and cultural value systems. Effective marine management not only needs to balance…

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