• UEFA and civil partnerships bills drafted using digital tools

    24th October 2019 by

    What do the UEFA European Championship and civil partnerships have in common? They’re recent bills being debated before becoming law. What’s interesting is that until now, bills have been drafted on paper. These are the first to be written using digital tools. It’s a move towards more open government. Guest blog from Matthew Lynch at...

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  • Citizens’ assemblies and the future of democracy

    18th October 2019 by

    Logo for the Festival of Politics

    “Citizens’ assemblies are about rebuilding the links between the public and the political system.” Those are the words of Dr Jane Suiter at the Scottish Parliament’s Festival of Politics Citizens’ Assemblies event last week.

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  • Five top tips for using social media to engage citizens

    16th October 2019 by

    Picture of cakes with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook logos

    James Coltham, Head of Digital & Content, shares some top tips for how the team are increasing citizen engagement through social media.

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  • A journey to website accessibility

    7th October 2019 by

    We're all striving to make our websites more accessible. With new guidelines coming in soon, we wanted to share the great work being done by Forestry and Land Scotland.

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  • Meet the team

    30th September 2019 by

    Digital engagement logo

    What does the Digital Engagement Team at the Scottish Government do? We want to make it easier for people to get involved in government’s work. We provide the tools and expertise so the government can consult and involve the public using the latest in digital technology. Democracy is at the heart of what we do....

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  • We’re hiring a Digital Engagement Manager

    27th February 2019 by

    We are currently seeking applications for a Digital Engagement Manager within the Digital Communications Division based in Edinburgh. The Digital Engagement Team is a specialist unit, responsible for delivering effective online consultation and helping support and promote digital engagement tools and techniques. Digital Communications team is part of the Communications and Ministerial Support Directorate. You...

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  • Using a chatbot to engage the public in consultation

    12th February 2019 by

    Whilst working on a consultation it occurred to us that it would be a good fit for giving a chatbot a go. Overall the topic is of public interest, easy to understand and questions were appropriate for an automated script.

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  • Scottish Government intranet is two years old

    22nd January 2019 by

    It's been two years since the new look Saltire, the Scottish Government’s digital workplace, went live.

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  • Digital Friends mentoring celebrates 100 partnerships

    28th November 2018 by

    Mentoring is a good thing, right? It benefits both parties – the mentor feels good about helping someone while the mentee learns from their experience. Everyone is happy. An added bonus is when you know it’s having this positive effect on many people. As someone who sets up mentoring I’m proud to have reached the...

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  • GDPR  – a change to data protection law

    24th May 2018 by

    The General Data Protection Regulations comes into force on May 25, 2018, giving individuals more control over their personal data, and ensuring that organisations collect and process that information properly and securely. To find out more about GDPR, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

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