• We are hiring a social media manager

    27th November 2017 by

    We are currently seeking applications for a Social Media Manager within the Communications Division based in Edinburgh.

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  • Revamped intranet wins global award

    21st September 2017 by

    Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards logo

    Our small but perfectly formed intranet team is on a high. The newly revamped Saltire has scooped gold in the international Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards, making its mark alongside heavyweights like VISA, Virgin Trains and UNICEF.

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  • 11 things I learnt at #commscamp

    19th July 2017 by

    commscamp logo

    After reading the excellent blog posts on #commscamp by Steph (20 things), and Paul (10 things) I thought I’d choose 11 things I have learnt at commscamp - partly in homage to the brilliant Burnistoun sketch (feel free to Google it).

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  • One Team Gov

    11th July 2017 by

    oneteamgov logo

    I went along to the #oneteamgov event which sought to bring together 'UK policymakers, service designers, digital professionals and cross-sector experts to talk openly and creatively about making government in the UK more effective by working together'.

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  • The Rise of E-Democracy

    27th June 2017 by

    Picture of rotary telephones Creative Commons CC0

    It seems as though everyone is trying to understand what digital democracy is in practice, but what do we mean by e-democracy or digital democracy?

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  • Culture is at the core of digital transformation

    19th May 2017 by

    Cultural attitudes and your approach to digital transformation are the key drivers to success or failure.

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  • Digital Engagement team is thinking big with small steps

    21st February 2017 by

    2016 was a busy year for us in the Digital Engagement Team and we hit We hit 2017 at a sprint. How can we help YOU play a more active part in the work of government?

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  • Learning by example

    3rd November 2016 by

    We recently invited Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, to join us to give a masterclass presentation about using Twitter to senior leaders at the Scottish Government. Having previously been voted in the top 30 UK "Social CEOs" by the Guardian, we were delighted she accepted.

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  • Making digital friends

    15th July 2016 by

    I’ve only been in government for nine months and every time I say what I do one of my friends asks “what does that actually mean?” Until now, civil servants have often been seen as a faceless mass behind ministers. That needs to change.

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  • Playing the digital engagement game

    13th May 2016 by

    We recently had an interesting workshop with colleagues in the Directorate for Economic Development, talking over the many different strands of their work, and identifying which could be ripe for development as a digital engagement exercise.

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