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September 10, 2019 by 1 Comment | Category Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce that our National Planning Framework team is set up and early work is commencing on NPF4.  The NPF, highlighted as a major commitment in response to the climate emergency in the Government’s 2019-20 Programme for Scotland, is a long-term spatial strategy for Scotland to 2050.  It will bring together policies and programmes to enable sustainable and inclusive growth across the country.  As a result of the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, the NPF will have enhanced status as part of the statutory development plan.  It will guide spatial development, align with infrastructure investment, set out national planning policies, designate national developments and highlight regional spatial priorities. 

Our core NPF4 team is led by Assistant Chief Planner Fiona Simpson who is supported by Suzanne Stephen, Graham Robinson, Simon Bonsall, Ian Mitchell and Eric Dawson.   You can email us at  

We look forward to working with a wide range of stakeholders on NPF4 and will provide further information on expected timescales and engagement opportunities shortly.  

We will communicate through our ScotGovPlanning twitter account, using #scotplan.   We will use twitter to alert you to any new information on our website, as well as blog articles and other information sources.

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  • Nicola says:

    What a fantastic team! Really looking forward to this project evolving! Alignment with infrastructure investment and heading up the development plan have huge potential to assist ‘planning’ to firmly take its place in the psyche as a very valuable process.