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More top tips on entering the GO Awards Scotland

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More top tips on entering the 2022/23 GO Awards Scotland!

The GO Awards are a unique opportunity to showcase the Power of Procurement. The innovations, initiatives, and achievements of organisations that are leading the way for public procurement in Scotland. This year, four new award categories have been added to reflect the diversity of procurement across Scotland’s public sector. The awards are open to public, private and third sector organisations.

Julie Welsh, Chief Executive of Scotland Excel, is one of the award Judges. Watch the short video below to hear how important celebrating success at the UK national and Scottish GO Awards has been for Scotland Excel in recent years – and Julie’s top tips for entrants of all sizes. Transcript of video available below.

Celebrate your success and enter the GO Awards to ensure your Power of Procurement story is told!

This year’s entry deadline is 5pm on Tuesday 6 September.

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Dual speaker Transcript

Eddie Regan – Senior Procurement Consultant, BIP Solutions and Go Awards Judging Panel Member

Julie Welsh – Chief Executive, Scotland Excel

Eddie Regan: Julie – the awards season just gone was a very successful one for Scotland Excel winning not just the Scottish national awards for Best Procurement Delivery but winning the GO Excellence Award at the national finals in Birmingham May. What did that mean for the organisation?

Julie Welsh: So, winning the GO Awards in Scotland was fantastic – but then to go on and win the UK wide award was a huge deal for us. We were up against some really stiff competition and in actual fact when I looked at who we were up against I thought – this is a tough ask and it was UK wide so we were really even more delighted to win because of that!

As you know Eddie, we’re a relatively small organisation and I think that winning that national award proved that we can deliver for our members, despite our size. And I suppose it shows that big isn’t necessarily best and there’s maybe a message in there for others that are considering entering the awards.

So our frameworks are a multi-team effort it’s not just within Scotland Excel it’s within our member councils as well in actual fact the new build housing framework has delivered 950 affordable homes and generated £180 million for the Scottish economy and that’s what means most to me and my colleagues at Scotland Excel.

Eddie: The team must be really proud of it?

Julie: Oh definitely! You know, I’ve been involved in the GO Awards for many years

Eddie as you know – like you and I have grown up together in the GO Awards. So, even before judging I’ve always been passionate about entering and showcasing our best work. So yes, team are delighted!

Eddie: Good, great. Moving away from being a prize winner – which you are. Your other role is a Judge that you mentioned – a key judge for the GO Scotland Awards. What would you say to encourage organisations across Scotland to enter the GO Scotland Awards?

Julie: Well as I said I’m really passionate about it, I think it’s probably one of the only opportunities that we’ve got to showcase all the good work that’s happening in public procurement across Scotland. And it’s a key opportunity for procurement teams to get recognition for the work they do. Because quite often in the public sector it’s hard to give them the recognition that they deserve.

So, again for us to win three awards this year has given the whole organisation a massive boost and I have to say it was at a time when we needed it most.

So, for anyone thinking about entering – you’ve definitely not got anything to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

Eddie: You and I have judged hundreds of entries between us over the years. What is it that you personally look for in an entry?

Julie: So I look for an entry that’s going to take me on a journey it should have a start, middle and end and it should have evidence to back up the claims – statistics, what we’ve delivered and so on. And I really want to know what the project has done to make a positive difference in particular for the citizens of Scotland because that’s something that’s really close to my heart.

So I’m keen on environmental and social benefits but if you add financial savings to that then you’ve got a perfect entry for me.

Eddie: Just hearing you say that, it makes me think…How important is it people realise you don’t have to be a major organisation as well because I mean, I know Scotland Excel and its size but people still look at it and thinkoh it’s a huge organisation like Scottish Government etc how important is it that smaller organisations take part as well?

Julie: Well I mean we’ve seen it in some of the entries that we get we’ve had entries over the last few years from like small colleges that have been fantastic.To me, it’s about A having the passion and the confidence to enter in the first place you need somebody that’s done the work but that’s willing to sit down and do the entry.

I actually think the entry process maybe people are a bit fearful about but once you get into it it’s not that difficult and I think you need to involve the wider team in your entry because most of these projects, small or large they’re as a result of lots of different people contributing their skills and experience.

So I think if you do that it doesn’t really matter what size you are, Eddie.

Eddie: I agree with you totally, I think some of the smaller entries we’ve seen over the years have been absolutely fantastic.

Julie: Yeah

Eddie: We have tried to make it simpler this year, I’ll say that – we have tried to make it easier.

Final thing Julie, what advice or guidance would you offer to an organisation that’s considering entering this year’s awards?

Julie: So, the first thing is to say it’s definitely worth the effort you know set aside your fears about the process am I big enough? is my project big enough? it’s worth the effort – give it a try. I would say keep your entry concise and tell a story, because if you’re reading lots of entries you know, as much as I love procurement, it can become a bit dry, Eddie if you’re reading lots of entries.

But more importantly, demonstrate the difference that you made and as I said before, this is an organisational effort and your entry should be as well. You know, get input from everyone that was involved. But just go for it you know, even being shortlisted was hugely motivational for our team

You know, even before we even thought we had a chance of winning which is even better. So my advice would be set aside any concerns you’ve got, any fears just go for it – it will definitely be worth your while.

Eddie: Julie, thank you very much for joining me today and I look forward to seeing you at the next Judging day.

Julie: Me too, Eddie – thanks very much!

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