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Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland – FAQs

June 13, 2023 by No Comments | Category Plan for the Future

Following publication of the first-ever Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland, we have collated a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs)…

Where can I find the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland? 

We haven’t printed our Strategy, to help contribute to our sustainability objectives, but you can read it online.

Who wrote the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland? 

The Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland was developed by representatives from across the Public Procurement sectors. There was engagement with interested stakeholder groups and forums who provided input and feedback that shaped the contents of the Strategy. This ‘journey to get here’ video explains more.

Who owns the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland? 

The Public Procurement Group (PPG) own the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland. This means they will have responsibility for the Strategy while it’s live. The PPG is the leadership group for public procurement across Scotland. Made up of the heads of the four Procurement Centres of Expertise, and senior Scottish Government procurement officials, they work together to set the strategic direction and priorities for public procurement in Scotland.  

How will the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland impact me? 

Over time, there is an expectation that sectors and organisations will align their respective procurement strategies to the vision and ambitions set out in the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland. It has been written in such a way as to have applicability across sectors and by organisations irrespective of where they are in terms of Procurement development. 

How will you be measuring the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland? 

As sectorial and organisational strategies align to the Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland, we will start to see this reflected in the annual Procurement Reports. The Annual Procurement Reports are collate from across Scotland to create the Annual Procurement Ministers Report. While there will be a time delay as everyone aligns and reporting catches up, this will be a key way to see progress and delivery of the Strategic objectives. To support this we are looking into potential KPIs to indicate progress towards the Strategic objective. 

There is also consideration being given to some social research to be undertaken to show how well the Strategy has been embedded. This would allow us to understand the impact the strategy is having on change.  

Will there be any changes to the current spend threshold where lower spending organisations are not required to report under the Public Procurement legislation?  

The Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland is not changing anything in relation to legislation and the thresholds for reporting. As such, there will be no change to lower spending organisations, the current legislation will continue to apply as it relates to an absence of requirement to report. 

What about the Public Procurement Priorities? 

The Priorities were to be used until a Public Procurement Strategy for Scotland could be developed through collaboration from across the sectors. As such, the priorities have completed, and a report is being undertaken to show their contribution to driving procurement forward. 

How can we embed the Strategy successfully? 

Collectively we are all working out what will help us successfully delivery the strategic outcomes! Aligning strategies, raising the profile of the strategy with all stakeholders, and engaging in the forums available to input ideas and suggestions. Sharing suggestions and ideas on how to implement and embed the Strategy will help, and let know to help share and spread case studies and best practice. 

I have a question that’s not on the FAQ

If you have a question that is not yet been answered, please email Questions will be answered and common queries will be added to the FAQs. 

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