Scotland's Economy

  • Transforming local and regional economies

    26th May 2022 by

    “The Scottish Government wants to create a fairer society by enabling more people to benefit directly from the wealth generated by local communities. That is why we will introduce legislation, meeting a 2021 Programme for Government commitment, in this Parliamentary term aiming to advance strategic economic development and the creation of a wellbeing-focused economy across...

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  • Delivering on Scotland’s economic transformation

    3rd May 2022 by

    Economy Secretary Kate Forbes visited Finland and Denmark on a fact finding mission to support the delivery of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

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  • Open letter to businesses across Scotland

    3rd December 2021 by

    Firstly, I want to thank all businesses for the agility and resilience you have shown over the past 20 months and ask you to help us harness that spirit to drive sustainable future growth Today I am delighted to mark the beginning of a new era of cooperation between the Scottish Government and business leadership...

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  • UK Budget reaction

    27th October 2021 by

    “This morning I urged the Chancellor to provide real support for households and businesses facing a perfect storm of rising prices, reduced support and increasing shortages. “This afternoon, while the Budget contains some welcome announcements, the Chancellor’s talk of ‘a new age of optimism’ will sound pretty hollow to those on low incomes, who face...

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  • Meeting with Chief Secretary to the Treasury

    14th October 2021 by

    “When I meet the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Simon Clarke today I will stress the need for a wide ranging review of Scotland’s devolved fiscal arrangements. We have faced unprecedented economic and fiscal upheaval as a consequence of the pandemic and Brexit.  As a result, Scotland’s Fiscal Framework has been thoroughly tested and, in...

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  • Assurances sought on National Insurance increase

    10th September 2021 by

    The UK Government’s decision to implement a 1.25% increase in National Insurance contributions to fund the NHS and social care in England has raised a number of questions. In an attempt to gain more clarity, and seek assurances on consequential funding Scotland, I have written to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Steve Barclay. A...

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  • Consultation closes on national economic transformation strategy

    6th September 2021 by

    We are absolutely committed to maximising Scotland’s economic potential and we want to work with others to build an economy for everyone. To help us deliver greater, greener and fairer prosperity we are working to deliver a new 10 year National Strategy for Economic Transformation. As part of that work extensive engagement is currently taking...

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  • An update on Covid baseline measures for business

    27th August 2021 by

    Covid baseline measures for business

    Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have made huge changes and sacrifices to protect public health. I’m incredibly grateful to the business community and would like to thank everyone who has spent time and effort to make their businesses as safe as possible for customers and staff. Your contribution has been vital in helping...

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  • Scotland’s economy outperforms recovery predictions

    26th August 2021 by

    I warmly welcome the Scottish Fiscal Commission’s latest official forecasts which suggest Scotland’s economy is recovering from COVID-19 much faster than anticipated. The predicted return of economic activity to pre-pandemic levels in the first half of 2022, almost two years of ahead of the SFC’s previous forecast, is a tribute to the innovation and adaptability...

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  • Open letter to members of the construction and manufacturing sectors

    28th July 2021 by

    As you will be aware construction materials from plasterboard to timber, steel to insulation, are in short supply because of a combination of global factors in addition to EU Exit and COVID 19. This is having a significant impact as some businesses are unable to source the construction materials they need at a stable price....

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