Scotland's Economy

  • Building Scotland’s digital economy

    3rd November 2016 by

    Digital technology has fundamentally changed how we access information, learn, communicate and do business; it is vital to the future of our economy. Scotland prides itself on being a nation which is vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking. We have to support and encourage the skills needed to seize new opportunities and participate in an...

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  • Small Business Bonus Scheme

    28th October 2016 by

    Scotland’s small and medium businesses are fundamental drivers in securing sustainable economic growth, which is why we are doing everything we can to support them by continuing our promise for Scotland to be the best place to do business in the UK. The Small Business Bonus Scheme can eliminate or substantially reduce the tax paid as business rates (also known as...

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  • Forestry summit

    23rd September 2016 by

    Today’s forestry event in Annandale – one of several rural summits I am holding across Scotland– is about listening to industry as part of my focus on building growth in our rural economy. In the case of forestry, this is an ideal moment as we have recently launched a consultation on plans to complete its...

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  • Report opens door to home-based biz

    21st September 2016 by

    Running a business from home is an increasingly popular option offering freedom and flexibility to work the hours you choose in an environment that you create yourself. Generally the costs will be lower and you can avoid commuting.

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  • Supporting Employability

    21st September 2016 by

    Earlier this month I was pleased to announce the Scottish Government’s plans for employability support programmes in 2017, as the powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Our first year will be a transitional year and we are working on our permanent programmes and will make our plans known in due course. Our programmes will...

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  • Brexit business support website launched

    31st August 2016 by

    Scotland’s economy is fundamentally strong but maintaining our place in the world’s biggest single market is absolutely vital when it comes to protecting jobs, investment and long-term prosperity.  Scotland delivered a strong, unequivocal vote to remain. Given that strong support to remain, the Scottish Government has committed as a priority to exploring all options to...

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  • Chambers welcomes spending boost

    10th August 2016 by

    The consequences of the vote for the UK to leave the European Union have undoubtedly already had an impact on Scotland’s economy. We were already experiencing signs of a slowdown. The weakness of sterling has been one of the early features that business has had to deal with and businesses from all sectors are questioning what the medium and long term implications of the Brexit vote might be.

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  • Informing Scotland’s land reform journey & better engaging communities

    29th July 2016 by

    Land Reform and community engagement are key Scottish Government priorities – where policy and the desire for change often overlap. The policy and legislative climate has changed with the 2016 Land Reform Act, and with the 2015 Community Empowerment Act that preceded it.

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  • World skills day

    15th July 2016 by

    To mark UN world skills day, Minister for Employability and Training Jamie Hepburn outlines the Scottish Government’s commitment to make Scotland the best place in Europe for Youth Employment: Today is the first ever international world skills day – which has the aim to reduce unemployment and underemployment amongst young people across the world. This is an ambition that...

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  • Business rates review

    13th July 2016 by

    Ken Barclay who is leading the Scottish Government’s review of business rates announces the remaining members of the group and calls for businesses to submit their ideas to reform the current system.

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