Scotland's Economy

  • Chancellor’s statement ‘halfway to common sense’

    6th December 2012 by

    After two and a half years in office the Chancellor has finally heeded Scotland’s calls to boost capital spending and allocated £330 million of new spending to Scotland over the next two years. The Chancellor’s recognition that he needs to invest is welcome, but he has only come halfway to a common sense solution.

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  • Stimulating entrepreneurial culture and innovation

    28th November 2012 by

    Earlier this week I wrote about howScotland’s entrepreneurial spirit contributes to economic growth. This evening I will meet with meeting Co-operative Development Scotland and learning more about how employee ownership can stimulate entrepreneurial culture, innovation and growth.

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  • Business rates consultation

    27th November 2012 by

    Scottish businesses already operate in the most competitive business environment in the UK thanks to the improvements we have made to the current rates system and to ensure Scotland maintains this competitive advantage, we have today launched a consultation on business rates.

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  • Scotland is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs

    26th November 2012 by

    Scotland is a nation that is rich in talent with a great reputation in innovation and enterprise. Those that claim Scotland invented the modern world, are not far off. From the telephone, to the television, to the more recent Pelamis Wave Energy converter, the inventive spirit of Scotland has created so many of the products that are now part of our daily life.

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  • State of the Economy Report

    23rd November 2012 by

    This State of the Economy Report comes four years after the height of the financial crisis in autumn 2008. At that time, most forecasters predicted that the world’s major economies would experience a sharp – but relatively short – recession.

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  • World Tourism Day

    27th September 2012 by

    Today is World Tourism Day and I am delighted to lend my support. Organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). 2012 is a year in which we are likely to see 1 billion global tourist arrivals and this is expected to rise to 1.8 billion by 2030.

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  • A budget for Scotland’s economy

    20th September 2012 by

    Global economic conditions continue to impact on economic confidence. Business investment remains considerably below pre-recession levels, and household income remains under pressure. I am therefore focussed on enhancing confidence in order to encourage private sector investment and growth.

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  • Scotland’s Digital Future

    19th September 2012 by

    Digital technology has changed the way we view the world and there is no doubt that it can also change the way we do things in delivering public services. Today I launched a strategy to help shape Scotland’s Digital Future in the Delivery of Public Services.

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  • Pre-Budget update on Government Economic Strategy

    10th September 2012 by

    A year has past since we refreshed our Government Economic Strategy (GES) and today we’ve published a report demonstrating progress in our actions to drive growth and develop a more resilient, adaptable economy.

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  • Olympian leadership

    10th September 2012 by

    There’s no doubt the London 2012 Olympics were the highlight of the summer for many. Now, with the Paralympics in full swing, we have another chance to celebrate athletes from all over the world at the top of their game.

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