Scotland's Economy

  • This week – 10/08/18

    11th August 2018 by

    Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal This week First Minister Nicola Sturgeon formally signed off the Scottish Government’s investment in the ambitious Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. The £1.3 billion deal will deliver inclusive economic growth across the region through housing, innovation, transport, skills and culture. The Scottish Government and the…

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  • Collaborate And Celebrate All Scotland Has To Offer

    7th July 2017 by

    Helen Goulden from Nesta, and Chair of the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy, gives an update on progress made on bringing together “new economy” service providers to look at how they can improve the experience of Scotland’s tourists. On 21 June, the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy met in Glasgow to…

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  • Scotland’s economy bounces back

    5th July 2017 by

    Today’s GDP figures show that the Scottish economy has bounced back. These figures are very welcome. After a weak final quarter at the end of 2016, our economy has grown 0.8% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to 0.2% for the UK as a whole. Expansion in the manufacturing sector, among others, has helped…

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  • Building Scotland’s digital economy

    3rd November 2016 by

    Digital technology has fundamentally changed how we access information, learn, communicate and do business; it is vital to the future of our economy. Scotland prides itself on being a nation which is vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking. We have to support and encourage the skills needed to seize new opportunities and participate in an…

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  • Report opens door to home-based biz

    21st September 2016 by

    Running a business from home is an increasingly popular option offering freedom and flexibility to work the hours you choose in an environment that you create yourself. Generally the costs will be lower and you can avoid commuting.

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  • Renewables in Scotland: Adding Up to a Brighter Future

    4th August 2014 by

    Let’s start with some facts about renewable energy – leaving aside, briefly, the industry’s significant contribution to Scotland’s energy mix. First, Department of Energy and Climate Change research shows 80% of the UK public back “the use of renewable energy for providing our electricity, fuel and heat”, while just one in 20 oppose the idea….

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  • Catalyst for regeneration, innovation and sustainable economic growth

    1st August 2014 by

    With the eyes of the world on Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, Scotland is rightly proud of its medallists and all the athletes involved in 11 spectacular days of sport. And while we celebrate their successes there are thousands more winners across Scotland beyond the podium places. The Games is about more than medals, it’s a catalyst…

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  • Chancellor embeds Westminster austerity

    6th December 2013 by

    It’s clear to see from the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement that Westminster’s failed economic policy has deepened the challenge of delivering a real return to growth and will see cuts to public spending in Scotland applied for years to come. The £3.1bn cuts that we’re already facing will be outstripped by the £4bn a year cuts…

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  • Yes to Growth

    18th May 2012 by

    This week we launched a new campaign, ‘Yes to Growth’, to stimulate Scottish companies to invest in their growth. If a company has an idea or project that will help it grow, we want to hear about it and positively help make growth a reality.

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  • Open letter to business

    24th February 2012 by

    Last year, I wrote to Scottish businesses to assure them that the Scottish Government is doing everything possible within our current powers to ensure Scotland remains the most competitive place to do business in the UK.
    Today I have written to our businesses to outline how our Budget maintains that commitment with 57% of Scottish business properties currently paying zero or reduced business rates bills.

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