Keith Brown MSP

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Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans (Previously: Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning; Minister for Transport and Veterans; Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities; Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work)

Scottish National Investment Bank

9th May 2018

I want to thank Benny Higgins and his Advisory Group for their work on developing an Implementation Plan for a new national investment bank for Scotland. The Cabinet has considered in detail the proposals outlined in Mr Higgins’ Implementation Plan, and has agreed that the Scottish Government will accept all 21 of the recommendations. That…

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An enduring friendship between Scotland & Canada

16th October 2017

Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown writes ahead of his visit this week to Canada and the US: Nearly 250 years ago, a group of Scots stood nervously on the shores of Loch Broom looking up at the ship that would carry them to their new lives across the Atlantic, in…

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Scotland’s economy bounces back

5th July 2017

Today’s GDP figures show that the Scottish economy has bounced back. These figures are very welcome. After a weak final quarter at the end of 2016, our economy has grown 0.8% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to 0.2% for the UK as a whole. Expansion in the manufacturing sector, among others, has helped…

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Protecting our Consumers

13th December 2016

Having the correct information and advice empowers all of us as consumers, helping us to find the most competitive deals for goods and services, such as energy and broadband. It also reassures us that help is there if things go wrong, and that something will be done to tackle wider consumer harm and market failings….

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National Consumer Week

1st December 2016

I am deeply concerned by research from consumer group Which? showing people in Scotland receive more nuisance calls than anywhere else in the UK. These calls are annoying for almost all of us. But for those whose circumstances make them particularly vulnerable – like older people who can be at home more – they can cause fear, distress and even financial loss. It’s a story I hear often as an MSP, and I heard it again this week, when I spoke to a woman who has had her confidence and her savings destroyed by a scam that began with an unwanted nuisance call.

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Living Wage Week 2016

4th November 2016

I am immensely proud that Scotland is leading the way on the Living Wage. As we approach the end of Living Wage Week, there are now 637 Accredited Employers in Scotland – more than 20% of the UK total.

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Brexit business support website launched

31st August 2016

Scotland’s economy is fundamentally strong but maintaining our place in the world’s biggest single market is absolutely vital when it comes to protecting jobs, investment and long-term prosperity. Scotland delivered a strong, unequivocal vote to remain. Given that strong support to remain, the Scottish Government has committed as a priority to exploring all options to…

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Protecting consumers & businesses in Scotland

28th June 2016

Consumers and businesses in Scotland have a distinct voice and this deserves to be heard. The Scottish Government recognises this and that’s why we intend to use our newly devolved powers over competition to achieve greater fairness for Scots buying and selling goods, services or digital content in the public and private sectors. The devolution…

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Scotland’s Agenda For Cities

8th March 2016

Cities and their regions are central to driving economic growth and creating a fairer society. They are home to two thirds of our economy and over half our population. Their size and scale creates a dynamic environment for business, innovation and knowledge transfer. That is why I strongly believe that if our cities and regions…

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Have your say on our cities

22nd October 2015

Digital technologies are transforming our lives. The ways in which we live, work and interact with one another – socially and economically – are changing fast. The Scottish Government is fully committed to building a strong digital economy, future proofed infrastructure, high quality digital public services and a society whose citizens are equipped with the…

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