Scotland's Economy

  • Response to latest trade statistics

    7th July 2021 by

    The latest HMRC Regional Trade Statistics further demonstrate the combined impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on Scotland’s trade. However, I am pleased to see that while exports from Scotland’s onshore economy are down 5% over the past year, this compares favourably with a reduction across the rest of the UK of 14%, demonstrating the work done…

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  • Concrete from carrots – now that’s really clever!

    31st January 2019 by

    Low CO2 concrete, made with by-products of the carrot industry. Sustainable, nutritional salmon feed generated from by-products from the whisky industry. Just two unlikely examples of the innovative technologies powering Scotland’s burgeoning biotech industry. In a nutshell, turning environmental challenges into opportunities and delivering real results to help us meet our climate change targets. I’m…

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  • Small Business Saturday: Digital support for small businesses

    1st December 2018 by

    Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the many ways that digital is already helping Scotland’s small businesses to grow – and it goes without saying that innovation is at the very heart of this. The Scottish Government is committed to giving small businesses access to cutting-edge research and technology to help…

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  • This week 16/11/18

    16th November 2018 by

    Fair Work Charter The Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather has been published by the Scottish Government to encourage employers to treat workers fairly and be mindful of their safety in the event of extreme weather. It provides four guiding principles to help employers prepare for adverse weather. Read more Life Sciences Figures Figures released…

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  • Scotland’s cutting edge laser industry

    9th April 2014 by

    While in San Francisco this week for Scotland Week 2014 I was fascinated to visit the Photonics Research Centre at Stanford University in California’s Silicon Valley. There I met participants in the SU2P programme, a Scottish-US project which aims to maximise the commercial potential of our world-class academic success in this field. I was proud…

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  • Big in Japan – the 200 year old Mack

    10th May 2013 by

    Almost 200 years on since Scotsman Charles Macintosh invented the process of rubberising cotton, his namesake coat is still one of Scotland’s best known products. In fact, it’s not only the Scots who have continued their love affair with the ‘mack’. Around the world the Mackintosh raincoat has become a major player in the luxury…

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  • Stronger Scottish and Japanese life sciences links

    8th May 2013 by

    Geographically the cities of Kyoto and Edinburgh are far removed. Intellectually, culturally and economically our two cities are becoming ever closer. That proximity was further reinforced this week when Scotland’s Finance Secretary John Swinney met with key Japanese businesses working in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine here in Kyoto. The links…

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  • Stimulating entrepreneurial culture and innovation

    28th November 2012 by

    Earlier this week I wrote about howScotland’s entrepreneurial spirit contributes to economic growth. This evening I will meet with meeting Co-operative Development Scotland and learning more about how employee ownership can stimulate entrepreneurial culture, innovation and growth.

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  • Scotland is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs

    26th November 2012 by

    Scotland is a nation that is rich in talent with a great reputation in innovation and enterprise. Those that claim Scotland invented the modern world, are not far off. From the telephone, to the television, to the more recent Pelamis Wave Energy converter, the inventive spirit of Scotland has created so many of the products that are now part of our daily life.

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  • Scottish Enterprise Business Plan 2012-15

    5th April 2012 by

    I’ve been delighted to see such a positive response in the press about the launch of our new Business Plan for 2012-15. In the plan we’ve tried really hard to strike a balance between the focus on our long-term goals for Scotland, and the need to do something extra to respond to the conditions here and now.

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