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Working as a government statistician

4th April 2018

With the Scottish Government welcoming applications (until April 9) for Assistant Statisticians posts, Senior Assistant Statistician Mark Bell shares his story about his transition into government from the world of palaeontology.   Prior to joining the Scottish Government I worked in academia for ten years, specifically within the field of palaeobiology. Following an Earth Sciences…

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Scottish Household Survey – Physical Activity

2nd February 2018

Scotland has, as a nation, become more active over the last five years according to data from the Scottish Household Survey. This increase, interestingly, has been driven by a rise in recreational walking. Even more surprising was that while women tend to be less active than men, they are walking more than men. The survey…

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Scottish Household Survey – Volunteering

1st February 2018

Ever offer to help a neighbour by walking their dog while they’re in hospital? Or coach a kids’ football team? Lead a Scouts or Girl Guides group? What about getting involved in the school run? You may not realise it, but all of these actions are considered a form of volunteering. That’s right, volunteering makes…

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Scottish Household Survey – Housing

31st January 2018

Housing is an issue that comes up in the news constantly. Providing enough high quality, sustainable and affordable housing for everyone in Scotland is a government priority, and data from the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is used to explore the relationship between living circumstances and the characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of Scottish households. Importantly, the…

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Scottish Household Survey – Culture

30th January 2018

How many times did you go to the cinema last year? Did you tick any books off your reading list? Visit a castle or museum? Any trips to the theatre, see any good stand-up comedy or take in a festival? According to the Scottish Household Survey (SHS), 92% of people in Scotland participated in or…

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Scottish Household Survey: looking back and going forward

29th January 2018

A blog by Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician, Scottish Government Looking back The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) has been at the centre of the Scottish Government’s evidence based approach to policy for two decades. With the advent of devolution in Scotland, there was a need for robust evidence on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of…

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