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How many times did you go to the cinema last year? Did you tick any books off your reading list? Visit a castle or museum? Any trips to the theatre, see any good stand-up comedy or take in a festival?

According to the Scottish Household Survey (SHS), 92% of people in Scotland participated in or attended cultural activities in 2016. That’s nine in ten people going to cinema or the theatre, singing in a choir, visiting a museum or library, or simply reading a book at home. However, this participation is less likely from people who live in the most deprived areas in Scotland, have lower education levels or suffer from long term health conditions/illnesses. While attendance at individual cultural events or places has largely stayed the same, significant increases in attendance at street art events and historic or archaeological places have been recorded (comparing 2012 to 2016 data). Knowing these things may not seem important at first glance, but the government uses this data to develop and target initiatives that will improve access to cultural places and events for everyone in Scotland.

In 2018 the Scottish Government is developing a new Culture Strategy for Scotland, and will use data collected by the SHS. This is the only source of data about cultural engagement that covers the whole of Scotland and has a substantial sample size, which enables the government to understand variations in cultural participation across different demographics and activities. A key interest of the new strategy will be to ensure everyone has opportunities to take part in or contribute to Scotland’s cultures and to experience and enjoy cultural heritage and the historic environment.

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