• Poor weather impacted Scottish Agriculture

    9th October 2018 by

    Poor weather affected the output of Scottish agriculture over the past year. Sheep and cattle numbers fell and there were reductions in the areas of cereals and potatoes. However, the area of soft fruit, which is less dependent on weather conditions, has seen an increase. The snow storm in the spring affected sheep numbers, which…

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  • Small increase in area of organic farmland

    17th May 2018 by

    The amount of organic farmland in Scotland has slightly increased in 2017, the first increase since 2008. A total of 123,000 hectares was certified as organic farmland in Scotland. Organic land now accounts for two per cent of agricultural land in Scotland. Chart showing percentage of land that is organic   The new figures on…

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  • December Agricultural Survey 2016 results

    17th March 2017 by

    The results of the December 2016 Agricultural Survey show that while winter cereal plantings saw an increase, silage production last year was down. In the livestock sector, there were rises in sheep, pigs and poultry, but cattle numbers fell to their lowest since the 1950s. Yesterday, the Chief Statistician in the Scottish Government released the…

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