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Scottish Farm Business Income at six year high

26th March 2019

Incomes from commercial farms in Scotland have gone up in 2017-18, however the latest annual figures shows that agriculture is still dependent on farm subsidies. The average farm income has risen 19 per cent to £35,400, the highest level over the last six years. This upward trend from the previous year shows that the industry…

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Weather helps farmers with winter planting

12th March 2019

The weather in 2018 has caused mixed fortunes in agriculture. Mild weather at the end of 2018 helped increase the area of winter-planted crops and the warm summer led to more production of hay. However the weather appears to have had a mixed effect on livestock farming. Better weather at the end of 2018 led…

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There were 547,691 acres in community ownership at the end of 2017

18th December 2018

As at December 2017 there were 547,691 acres in community ownership, which is 2.8% of the total land area of Scotland. There were 508 land parcels/assets in community ownership owned by 388 community groups. Scotland’s Chief Statistician today published revised tables that were first included in in the Estimate of Community Owned Land in Scotland…

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Cereal harvest in 2018 affected by weather

12th December 2018

Cereal production and the area of cereals grown have decreased in 2018. Final estimates for the 2018 cereal and oilseed rape harvest were released today. Around 420,000 hectares of cereals have been grown this year, three per cent lower than 2017. This drop in area, combined with a nine per cent decrease in yield, led…

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Poor weather impacted Scottish Agriculture

9th October 2018

Poor weather affected the output of Scottish agriculture over the past year. Sheep and cattle numbers fell and there were reductions in the areas of cereals and potatoes. However, the area of soft fruit, which is less dependent on weather conditions, has seen an increase. The snow storm in the spring affected sheep numbers, which…

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Rural Scotland rated very good place to live

8th October 2018

Scotland’s Chief Statistician today published the Rural Scotland Key Facts 2018. The publication brings together previously published statistics on a range of key policy areas, providing comparisons between remote rural areas, accessible rural areas and the rest of Scotland. The statistics provide a valuable evidence base on issues affecting rural Scotland. The publication is grouped…

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2018 Scottish Cereal Harvest

4th October 2018

Both the area of cereals grown and the yield in Scotland are likely to fall, leading to a decline in production for 2018. This is, in large, due to the poor weather conditions experienced in early 2018. Around 420,000 hectares of cereals are estimated to have been grown this year, three per cent lower than…

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Slow-down in lending to Scottish agriculture

18th September 2018

There was a slow-down in the total lending from banks to Scottish agriculture over the past year. Outstanding debts to Scottish farms rose by one per cent (£22 million) in the year to 31 May 2018. Total outstanding lending to the agricultural sector amounted to £2.34 billion. Accounting for inflation, this was a decrease of…

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Agriculture Facts and Figures 2018

14th June 2018

Do you know how many sheep there are in Scotland? Or how much milk is produced? Or the size of the food & drink industry? These and many other key agricultural statistics can be found in the handy pocket-sized Facts and Figures card for the Agriculture Sector published by the Scottish Government on Thursday 14th June…

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Small increase in area of organic farmland

17th May 2018

The amount of organic farmland in Scotland has slightly increased in 2017, the first increase since 2008. A total of 123,000 hectares was certified as organic farmland in Scotland. Organic land now accounts for two per cent of agricultural land in Scotland. Chart showing percentage of land that is organic   The new figures on…

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