• Inpatient Experience Survey – Exploring differences in inpatient experience

    4th April 2017 by

    Today, another report for the Inpatient Experience Survey 2016 was published. This time, the results being published have focused on whether certain characteristics or factors are associated with people’s experience of their care whilst in hospital. All the survey questions, which could be answered in a positive or negative way, have been included in this analysis….

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  • Proposal for a new data collection on carers

    1st December 2016 by

    Carers across Scotland provide unpaid care and support to relatives, friends and neighbours who need help because of illness or disability. We estimate that around 788,000 people in Scotland are carers and annually they save the Scottish Economy nearly £11 billion, equivalent to the cost of the NHS in Scotland. The new Carers (Scotland) Act will…

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