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Considering both physical and mental health

24th October 2018

According to the World Health Organisation, people with severe mental health problems tend to die earlier than the general population. This can be as much as a 10-25 year life expectancy reduction. The majority of these deaths are attributed to chronic physical medical conditions such as cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases, diabetes and hypertension. The…

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Changes to the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey

30th April 2018

The results for the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey were published last week. This was the fifth iteration of this survey. It asked people about their experiences of accessing and using their GP practice and other local healthcare services; receiving care, support and help with everyday living; and caring responsibilities. The results showed that…

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Health & Care Experience Survey 2017

31st October 2017

People who have been randomly selected to complete the Health & Care Experience Survey 2017 will be contacted in November. They will receive a letter in the post that will tell them how they can complete the survey. It will also provide background information on the survey and answer some FAQs.   What is the Health &…

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Scotland’s Mental Health

26th September 2017

Two weeks ago we published the latest statistics on mental health from our third Mental Health Inpatient Census, detailing key information on mental health services and the patients who access them.   The Importance of Recognising Mental Health Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, act and how…

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Exploring Differences in Cancer Patient Experiences

26th September 2017

A report exploring differences in peoples’ experiences of cancer care was published today. It looks at the relationship between peoples’ responses to the 2015/16 Scottish Cancer Patient Experience Survey and a range of factors. This kind of analysis will help our understanding of the differences in experience between different groups of people. It will also assist…

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Who gets Free Personal Care in Scotland and what does it cost?

31st August 2017

This week we published the latest statistics on Free Personal Care describing the number of people benefitting from the Free Personal Care policy in Scotland and the cost of the policy. Who gets Free Personal Care in Scotland? Nearly 78,000 people in Scotland benefit from Free Personal and Nursing Care. Just under 31,000 of these people live in Care Homes…

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Health and Care Experience Survey Pack

20th July 2017

We are busy getting organised for the next Health and Care Experience survey. The survey is due to be sent out in Autumn this year. The questionnaire has been revised to make it shorter and easier to use, but making sure that the information collected is still relevant and useful. The same has been done to the letter…

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Inpatient Experience Survey – Exploring differences in inpatient experience

4th April 2017

Today, another report for the Inpatient Experience Survey 2016 was published. This time, the results being published have focused on whether certain characteristics or factors are associated with people’s experience of their care whilst in hospital. All the survey questions, which could be answered in a positive or negative way, have been included in this analysis….

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Social Care Statistics published for 2016

5th December 2016

Last week, we published the latest Social Care statistics. These provide detailed data on people who receive social care services in their own home and are useful for benchmarking and planning purposes as well as providing the definitive data for anyone interested in care at home. The publication includes information on home care services, community…

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Proposal for a new data collection on carers

1st December 2016

Carers across Scotland provide unpaid care and support to relatives, friends and neighbours who need help because of illness or disability. We estimate that around 788,000 people in Scotland are carers and annually they save the Scottish Economy nearly £11 billion, equivalent to the cost of the NHS in Scotland. The new Carers (Scotland) Act will…

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