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Performance Manager for the MyGov programme.

Meeting the CivTech challenge: Wallscope and

20th December 2017

This is a guest blog post by Emma Findlow, Communications Manager at Wallscope – one of the businesses taking part in this year’s CivTech digital accelerator programme. We live in a world where volumes of information are rapidly growing. This can leave us increasingly uncertain that we’re finding the right information – especially when we’re…

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GDPR and

12th June 2017

Here are some of the steps we’ve been taking to meet new legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), before it comes into force in May 2018.

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Designing form elements to help users

24th April 2017

To help service designers across the Scottish public sector create consistent and usable services we have developed a guide for forms.

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Designing our Diversity Unconference to be inclusive

17th March 2017

A look at how we’ve designed our #scotdigidiversity diversity in digital unconference to be inclusive.

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Designing a good survey

17th February 2017

This is a blog post by Philip Kirk, one of our user researchers.   A survey can be an effective way to get information on who is using your service. They can investigate the characteristics, behaviours and opinions of a group of people and, if designed well, can help you understand your users and what…

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Pop-up Study – Taking research to where our users are

26th January 2017

This is a blog post by Sam Tilston, one of our user researchers. Pop-ups are a quick and direct user research method. They allow us to take our questions to a wider range of potential users, taking us to where they are, rather than bringing them to the lab. It’s less formal than traditional usability…

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Developing disclosure services on

22nd December 2016

This is a blog post by Rachel Bhandari, one of our content designers. One of the key workstreams in the last MyGov delivery cycle was to develop Disclosure Scotland information on with a view to decommission their existing website. This included new content to provide people with easy access to information about key disclosure…

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Last update for 2016 and the end our 60 day delivery cycle

21st December 2016

We’re almost at the end of the year and have just reached the end of our 60-day drive. It seems a good time to update you on all that we’ve been working on. Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the great progress made by, and Rubric over 2016. We…

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20th December 2016

This is a blog post by Scott Langley, our senior user experience designer. We often get asked about our approach to accessibility so I’d thought I’d share a little on how we go about trying to make all our digital products as accessible as possible. Accessible digital products benefit everyone Accessibility is an important area…

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How we wrote about Female Genital Mutilation

3rd November 2016

This is a blog post by Harry Dozier, one of our content designers. This blog post goes into the background behind the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) article which was recently added to the site. The content team frequently deal with challenging topics – such as where to get help if you are the…

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