• Digital Strategy Consultation – No one left behind

    19th October 2020 by

    In a recent blog, we introduced the consultation for the new Digital Strategy for Scotland and highlighted why it is so important for people across the country to have their voices heard. This is the first blog in a short series taking a look at the key themes raised within the strategy and hear why...

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  • SG payments team – Opportunities and update

    12th October 2020 by

    Carron MacNab, Delivery Manager, Product and Commercial Division, shares some news about opportunities to join the Payments team. We’ve also got an update on how we’re finding ways to carry on engaging users and stakeholders during COVID-19 restrictions. ‘Payments’ is one of the core shared technology platforms outlined in Scotland’s Digital Strategy. It is also...

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – A beta industry event

    1st October 2020 by

    Gavin Ross, Policy Lead for Digital Identity in the Scottish Government, provides an update on the work of the Digital Identity Scotland programme. In our last Blog, we highlighted that our Prototype work had drawn to a close and we’re pleased to now share a Report of the Attribute Prototype activity. We are also able...

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  • New digital strategy for Scotland – consultation launched

    1st October 2020 by

    We’ve launched a consultation on a new Digital Strategy for Scotland. Public Finance Minister Ben Macpherson and COSLA resources spokesperson Cllr Gail McGregor explain why this is so important. Digital technologies are transforming the way in which people live their lives across Scotland. They are also playing a central role in a continued focus on...

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  • SG payments project – Keep on collaborating

    30th September 2020 by

    Blog by Fiona Maclellan, Senior Service Designer, Product and Commercial Division. The SG payments project has taken a user-centred approach since it began in 2018. This has involved working closely with users through the Discovery phase, our Alpha build and as we prepare for our next phase. We recently posted about the project’s progress, and...

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  • Scottish IT company donates laptops to victims charity

    18th September 2020 by

    Blog by Emma Dalley, Project Delivery Officer, Product and Commercial Division. The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the most vulnerable people in society. If you are young, healthy and your only complaint is cabin fever, then you’re extremely lucky. When the Covid-19 outbreak began the Digital Directorate set up a landing point web page as...

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  • The life of Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB)

    10th September 2020 by

    Blog by Fiona Smith, Head of Communications, Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband. “Fiona, how can you not know where Dumfries and Galloway is!?” That is what my geography teacher asked in sheer disbelief in the early 90s. That memory came back to me, as I organised what will be one of the last photo calls and...

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  • The Civtech Alliance

    1st September 2020 by

    Blog by Alexander Holt, Head of Strategic Partnerships, CivTech Alliance. The CivTech Alliance is a newly-formed worldwide network of public, private and third sector organisations working across Civic and Gov tech sectors, supporting and developing products and services which make citizens’ lives better. This network acts as a peer-to-peer support network, hosting weekly video conference...

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  • Connecting Scotland – Phase 2 update

    31st August 2020 by

    Blog by Katie Lyne, Communications and Events manager, Office of the Chief Designer, Digital Directorate. More and more our lives are being lived online. Be it a video call with our families, work colleagues, ordering prescriptions or doing the weekly shop. And, increasingly, public and private services, are moving online, particularly during Covid-19. For the...

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  • Digital Scotland Design System

    25th August 2020 by

    Today marks the launch of the Digital Scotland Design System. This post explains what a design system is, who it’s aimed at, and how you can get involved. Firstly, what’s a design system? A design system is a collection of reusable components (in code) that can be put together to quickly and easily build your...

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