• What are smart entitlements?

    6th March 2020 by

    In this blog, Gavin Ross, Policy Lead for Digital Identity Scotland, provides an update on some of our broader activity. This includes considering how an attribute approach could support citizens when accessing services, products or benefits that they are entitled to. Our Smart Entitlements strategy…   “The DIS programme continues its work on a prototype…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – Working towards a prototype

    4th February 2020 by

    In this blog, Mike Crockart, Delivery Lead for the Digital Identity Scotland (DIS) Programme, provides an update following recent procurements and work which has begun on a prototype…   “A reusable digital identity service will require the clear understanding, trust, and engagement of users. Our solution will be founded on user-centric principles reducing the need…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – Looking ahead to 2020

    19th December 2019 by

    In this latest blog we hear an update from Lesley Allen, Strategic Lead, looking back on the past few months and sharing our initial planning as we move into 2020. Welcome to our final edition for 2019 with all the latest updates on the Digital Identity Scotland Programme. Since our last blog in September, there…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – OIX White Paper

    3rd July 2019 by

    The recent conclusion of our Alpha phase is the culmination of several months’ work to understand and test some specific ideas related to digital identity in more detail. We are grateful to all stakeholders who have assisted us in this important phase of the digital identity programme. So what have we learned and what are…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – Learning from our stakeholders

    31st May 2019 by

    For more than a year now, our National Stakeholder Group has proved an important sounding board for the Digital Identity Scotland programme team’s work. Much has happened since our first meeting in February 2018. From gaining some wider perspective on ideas we have been exploring, to individuals and organisations working closely with us to explore…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – User research on the road

    21st March 2019 by

    Welcome to this latest update from the Digital Identity Scotland team. From a user research and business analysis perspective, a lot of our recent work has focussed on understanding the various interests of service provider organisations in digital identity. This is a key area for our programme, for it is vital the process of proving…

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – Workshop insight

    28th February 2019 by

    Graduate Fast Streamer Madeleine Fleming has been working with the Digital Identity Scotland team to support the design of the team’s programme for the last six months. As she prepares to leave the team at the end of her placement, Madeleine reflects on one of her final tasks – to deliver a service providers workshop….

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  • Digital Identity Scotland – Understanding the services’ perspective

    22nd February 2019 by

    Welcome to this latest update from the Digital Identity Scotland team. Since our last update, we have continued our work in developing a common approach for digital identity that provides safe, easy and better access to public services for Scotland’s citizens. While understanding and meeting the needs of people has been a substantial part of…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – Introducing Digital Identity Scotland

    21st January 2019 by

    Welcome to our first update of 2019. Following on from our last blog, the team has had a busy beginning to the year, with various activities taking place in the early stages of the Alpha phase of our work and preparations taking place for the next meeting of the Expert Group. Our Expert Group plays…

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  • Online Identity Assurance – See you in 2019

    20th December 2018 by

    Just over a year ago, our first blog post heralded the announcement of our ‘Online Identity Assurance’ programme. Since then, the project team has had a productive and enjoyable 12 months. We have commissioned and undertaken extensive research about the experiences of people who use services online and in person, and also done the same…

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