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International Nurses Day 2021: A Voice to Lead.

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FNP Clinical Lead – Pamela Murray

To support the celebration of International Nurses Day we have asked our FNP National Clinical Lead, Pamela Murray, to reflect on her journey into this role and how she considers FNP to support the vision of nurses transforming the healthcare system.

Tell us a bit about your role/yourself

I started my NHS career in midwifery 29 years ago this year with one aim to make a difference to lives of others; I could not have imagined the journey I have come on since then. As midwife I worked in many different settings and roles, and was fortunate to meet some wonderful inspiring people that encouraged my thirst for knowledge and understanding of the concept of leadership and how this shapes change.

I joined FNP 11 years ago when it was first introduced in Scotland as the evidence base demonstrated that the programme enabled clients to make positive changes in their lives that had an impact on the long term outcomes for themselves and their child. During my time in FNP I have worked as a Family Nurse, a Supervisor, as an educator in Motivational Interviewing and now as the FNP National Clinical Lead. My current role is based in the Scottish Government as part of the Leadership Team, it is multifaceted including supporting the role of the clinicians, quality assurance and improvement and helping to share the learning with other professional and 3rd sector groups.

How does FNP support the vision of nurses transforming the healthcare system?

One of the attractions for me joining FNP was the ethos and spirit of the culture that fosters a learning and change environment throughout the length and breadth of the organisation. One of the many principles that demonstrates this is the parallel process; the skills that one wishes a client to demonstrate with her child must be demonstrated between all persons in the organisation;

As Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying “be the change you want to see”.

Therefore, if we wish a client to demonstrate trust with her child as an organisation it is essential to establish a climate of trust where leaders nurture a culture of transparency, involvement and desire to improve. We hope to support our clients to engage, actively listen and respond appropriately to their child as a parallel process FNP staff support one another to role model these same behaviours in all aspects of our work.

There is a wealth of examples of this in FNP here are a few of them:-

  • clients are an integral part of the engagement and recruitment of staff
  • all staff groups and clients are part of the consultation process for any change
  • nurses own their data and drive service improvement
  • supervision is a fundamental mechanism for nurses to reflect, learn and develop
  • sharing and learning good practice with other professionals is key to enabling change i.e. sharing the learning regarding supervision with midwifery colleagues, teaching of Health Visiting colleagues about Ages and Stages Questionnaires to support the roll out nationally or working with Shelter to reduce inequalities due to poor housing
  • research and development i.e. the use of telehealth
  • working collaboratively with FNP colleagues internationally to ensure a global understanding
  • supporting the development and implementation of government policies such as:

Health Visiting Care Pathway

Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People Strategy

Scotland’s Baby Box

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Programme

It has always been important in FNP to recognise that these are very emotionally demanding roles, work had already begun to ensure that FNP was supporting the work of the National Trauma Training Programme, however, the importance of this has come into sharp focus due to the trauma of the global COVID pandemic. It is a desire to ensure that we see all aspects of our work through a trauma informed lens.

So, 29 years on, I continue to be inspired by colleagues and clients who despite a global pandemic have engaged, actively listened and responded appropriately to one another and everyone they meet.


  • Caroline Zambonini Gordon says:

    Fantastic .. inspiring now as you always have !! Still my favourite and most demanding ‘unofficial’ teacher

  • Barbara Page says:

    This blog sums up the very essence of FNP beautifully and the importance of this service through out Scotland.
    I feel privileged to share that Pamela was my supervisor, role model and inspiration as a family nurse in Lothian.
    Pamela’s kind ways, strength, bravery, tenacity, respectful sharing of her experience and knowledge and amazing leadership qualities have shaped me to be the proud family nurse I am today and as Pamela suggests for change to be encouraged these qualities must be demonstrated between all persons in the organisation.
    Pamela you are a true inspiration and a massive asset to FNP Scotland.

  • Michelle Davidson says:

    It’s lovely that this really does reflect the family nurse, the supervisor and the person that Pamela is .

  • Jennifer Gourlay says:

    I feel fortunate to have worked with Pamela who is a truly inspiring person & be part of the FNP family.

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