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Temporary Changes To The Death Certification Review Service’s Administration Of Applications For Repatriation

March 13, 2020 by No Comments | Category COVID-19, DCRS, Funeral directors

The Death Certification Review Service (DCRS) is temporarily changing the way that applications for repatriation are administered and will suspend the need to certify documents.  It will still be necessary to obtain authorisation for repatriation from DCRS for these cases.

Removing the requirement to certify these documents, means that DCRS will be able to process applications for repatriation electronically and there is no need for applicants or funeral directors to attend the DCRS office to produce the originals.

NHS24 is located in the same premises as DCRS.  Making this small administrative change to applications for repatriation will allow medical reviewers to work on line as documents will no longer be reviewed physically but electronically.  This will allow NHS24 additional space if required.

DCRS will continue to carry out the repatriation procedure and applications should be made electronically.  DCRS, once satisfied that everything is in order with the application, will authorise the repatriation and subsequent cremation or burial.  Enquiries about this change should be made to DCRS via or 03001231898.

Please make your colleagues and members aware of these temporary changes.