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National Care Service Forum 2022: Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi speech

October 18, 2022 by No Comments | Category National Care Service

Below are the concluding remarks from Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi‘s speech at the first National Care Service Forum Monday 3rd October 2022 at Perth Concert Hall. Kiana is an artist, filmmaker and activist and shared her lived experience of social care at the Forum. 

At the end of the day, we all need to care – care about building a better society. Even for the people we don’t necessarily like.  

And that starts with investing in a system that protects and upholds the human rights of every single member in our society – regardless of their disability or health condition.  

It’s important for us all to take action to build a comprehensive National Care Service – not just for the people who need it now, but also for the people who need it in the future.  

You may think disability is something far removed from your personal life, but the reality is that over 83% of disabled people acquire their health condition throughout their life. Disabled people are your colleagues, friends, family and partners.  

It is not complicated to get this right, but it is a choice. We can choose to pay staff proper wages for high skilled work, to give individuals ILS budgets that actually meet their needs, to stop relying on unpaid care as the default to the detriment of those involved, and to pay for the latest technology that will help individuals achieve the best in life.  

The solution lies in making the decision to put our money where our values are and to invest in the people of Scotland.  

Change is inevitable, with time we will move towards a fairer, more equitable society. 

But who will ignite that change? Who will take the action needed? Who will be part of history moving forward?  

I hope it’ll be me. And I hope it’ll be you.


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