Health and Social Care

  • An update on how we are designing the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

    25th May 2023 by

    We need a community health, social care and social work system that delivers for everyone in Scotland. We are working alongside the people who use and deliver services, and the organisations that represent them to achieve this – we call this process co-design. We want to update you on how we are co-designing the Charter...

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  • Voices of community health and social care: Gareth’s story

    28th April 2023 by

    Over the course of the past year, we have been up and down the country filming for our Voices campaign. We have heard from people who use and work in community health and social care, listening to their experiences and how this has shaped their hopes for the National Care Service.     Gareth is...

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  • How the National Care Service can best meet the needs of LGBTI+ people

    13th April 2023 by

    LGBT Health and Wellbeing is an organisation which promotes the health, wellbeing and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBTI+) adults in Scotland. Rebecca Hoffman, Policy and Research Officer writes about how the National Care Service can best meet the needs of LGBTI+ people.   It is vital that the Scottish Government’s new National Care...

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  • Putting People with Lived Experience at the Heart of Building Scotland’s National Care Service

    16th March 2023 by

    We have said from the beginning that the National Care Service (NCS) will be designed by people with personal lived experience of accessing or delivering community health and social care support. People with ‘lived experience’ are experts in what works, and what doesn’t. Their experiences and ideas are essential to ensuring we make the right...

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  • Why is data so important for the National Care Service?

    31st January 2023 by

    Consistently collecting data will be essential to the success of the National Care Service. The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill includes a provision to allow Scottish Ministers to set information standards and ensure that the NCS and NHS bodies and their contractors comply with these.  At the moment social care data is currently collected in many ways across Scotland.​...

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  • 2023 and the National Care Service

    21st December 2022 by

    2022 was an important year in progressing the National Care Service (NCS). It was the year where we were able to begin to developing the vision of the Scottish Government – borne out of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care – to build a service that supports people to thrive. A significant step was...

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  • What we learned from the National Care Service Forum 2022

    14th December 2022 by

    On the 3 October this year we held our first ever National Care Service Forum. It brought together the people across community health and social care in Scotland. These voices are incredibly important to ensure in shaping the National Care Service.   The Forum Report   We have committed The Forum being annual event throughout the development...

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  • Fiona’s story

    6th December 2022 by

    Fiona is a full-time carer for her son, Joff, who lives with Lowe Syndrome. Fiona took part in our Voices Video campaign. She shares her experience of being a full-time carer and what her hopes are for the National Care Service.  I was very happy to take part in the Voices video with my son....

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  • Putting inclusive communications at the heart of the National Care Service

    30th November 2022 by

    The National Care Service will support a diverse range of people across Scotland. It is important we work with as wide a range of people as possible whilst designing the NCS, to ensure all needs and experiences are captured. That is why we are learning about different communication needs to ensure we are inclusive.   Scottish...

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  • The Diverse Voices Shaping the National Care Service

    24th November 2022 by

    Creating the National Care Service is about improving people’s circumstances so we can all thrive and lead a full and happy life.   We have been out across Scotland to listen to and learn from the voices of those with lived and living experience of community health and social care.   Voices Campaign  Our Voices campaign...

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