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ICES/NAFO Decadal Symposium Update…

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Five Marine Scotland Science abstracts, using data gathered at the east and west coast ecosystem monitoring stations, have been accepted for the ICES/NAFO Decadal Symposium, May 2011. Below are the accepted titles and the associated author lists. Spain here we come! (abstracts listed in no particular order)

1) Emerging patterns from time series of plankton sampling off the east and west coasts of Scotland, UK.

S. Hay, K. Cook, J. Rasmussen, M.J. Penston, J. Fraser, S. Robinson, P. MacLachlan, J. Dunn, E. Bresnan, S. Fraser J. Wright and P. Walsham.

2) Interannual variation in ‘indicator’ chaetognaths off the east and west coasts of Scotland

K. Cook1, M. Penston1, J. Rasmussen1, J. Fraser1, S. Robinson1, P. MacLachlan1, J. Dunn1, S. Hay1

3) Seasonal and interannual variation of two Calanus species off the east and west coasts of Scotland

Penston, M.J., Cook, K., Rasmussen, Fraser, J., Robinson, S., MacLachlan, P., Dunn, J., Hay, S.

4) Variation in the phytoplankton community in Scottish waters over the last decade

E. Bresnan, S. L. Hughes, S. Fraser, A. L. Amorim, K. Smith, M. Rose, L. Webster, B. Berx, J. Rasmussen and S. Hay.

5) The Winter Nutrient Status of Scottish Coastal and Offshore Waters: 2001 – 2009

P. Walsham, L. Webster, M. Rose, and C. Moffat


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