Marine Scotland Science help with research in to climate change

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Since the late 19th century, researchers from the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen (part of Marine Scotland) have made regular observations of the temperature and salinity vertical structure in the Faroe Shetland Channel.  In the early days, this was done by taking water samples, but with advances in technology, this is now done using very accurate temperature and conductivity sensors which are lowered through the water column from aboard MRV Scotia. 

 In collaboration with scientists from the Faroe Islands (Faroe Marine Research Institute) and Norway (University of Bergen), Marine Scotland Science have been monitoring the velocity of the surface water flowing through the Faroe Shetland Channel, by deploying vertically profiling current meters which are moored near the sea bed, measuring towards the surface. Together with temperature and salinity observations made during regular ship surveys, these data can be used to calculate the amount of Atlantic water entering the Nordic Seas through the Faroe Shetland Channel and the amount of heat and salt it carries polewards. More recently, scientists have also started looking at satellite-based observations to improve these calculations. 

Currently, this work contributes to a much larger research project funded by the European Union, North Atlantic Climate (NACLIM).  The project will use the existing knowledge gathered about ocean circulation in the North Atlantic to improve how scientists forecast ocean circulation and climate in the next decades.  This work will help in many ways: from being better prepared for extreme events such as flooding or heat waves, to ensuring that we manage our use of the marine environment sustainably.

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