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International Meeting on Aquaculture Disease

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Participants of the PD Trinations meeting

On the 12-13 October 2016, the Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen hosted the 2016 PD TriNation (Pancreas Disease) meeting, led by Marine Scotland scientist Dr Sandy Murray with the help of Norwegian colleagues Mona Dverdal Jansen and Britt Bang Jensen of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

The PD TriNation initiative was established in 2005 with the aims of integrating and focusing PD related activities of science and industry from Norway, Ireland, Scotland and more recently other salmon farming regions. This industry led initiative has made major contributions to developing our understanding of Pancreas Disease which is a major disease of salmonids in marine aquaculture. The meeting promotes new and collaborative research, and sharing of results. Greater knowledge of the risks associated with the development and spread of the disease as well as an understanding of the viral characteristics have helped shape strategies for disease prevention and mitigation for the benefit of the salmon farming industry.

The focus of the two-day programme was on Pancreas Disease vaccines and the 61 attendees heard from Marine Scotland scientist, Catherine Collins, on DNA vaccine development, supported through the EU funded TargetFish project.

A presentation on screening of wild salmon and sea trout in Norway for aquaculture related viruses was reassuring in that it indicated absence of most pathogens in the wild fish screened, with some low level of Piscine Reovirus (PRV). PRV is thought to be ubiquitous in the environment in Norway and is widespread on farms.

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