Outcome of UK-Faroe bilateral talks for fishing opportunities in 2023

April 25, 2023 by No Comments | Category Fisheries

The UK/Faroe bilateral for 2023 fishing opportunities has now concluded, with agreement on exchanges of fishing opportunities worth an estimated value of approximately £5 million to the UK.

The UK and the Faroe Islands signed a Framework Agreement on Fisheries in October 2020, and a bilateral agreement for 2022 which was highly utilised by Scottish vessels with £5.6 million landed in 2022.

The Parties have now agreed a further exchange of opportunities for 2023, which will enable UK vessels to continue to fish mixed demersal species in Faroese waters.

Faroese vessels will be granted quota to fish stocks including Greenland halibut, haddock (area 4), ling and tusk (area 4), and blue ling (western) in UK waters.

The Agreed Record sets out a number of technical elements such as monitoring, control and surveillance measures.

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