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  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1515S Programme

    Duration: 19 October – 2 November 2015 Background: The aim of this survey is to gather the initial dataset of a site monitoring time-series for the East of Gannet and Montrose (EGM) and Norwegian Sediment Plain (NSP) Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (NCMPA), see Figure 1. This will contribute information on the habitats found at…

    16th October 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1315S

    So this is what life on the MRV Scotia looks like…. Some fabulous pictures taken during our recent Scotia survey 1315S. Further Information View the programme for survey 1315S.  

    15th October 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1415S Programme

    Duration: 5-16 October 2015 Sampling Gear: Midwater trawl PT160 x 2 Edgetech broadband towed system Seabird 911 CTD Go-pro camera system(s) with additional sensors (depth, temp, attitude etc) Towed hydrophone array Lowrance echosounder system Simrad WBAT autonomous broad band sounder system Rod and line systems. Electronic load shackle for weighing catch. Scanmar trawl eye sensor. Overall Objectives:…

    6th October 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1315S Programme

    Gear: Sea-Bird CTDs, ADCPs and current meter instrumentation, water filtering equipment (x2), centrifuge equipment (HWU), bacteria sampling equipment (HWU), sediment sampling equipment (UoA), mooring equipment, recovery trawl, drifters, sediment grabs (Van Veen / Day) and sediment corers (MSS / UoA). Objectives: Test the CTD in the Buchan Deep off Peterhead. Collect water samples for salinity…

    17th September 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1215S Programme

    Duration: 5-16 September 2015 Fishing Gear: BT 184 Deepwater trawl with 16“ ground-gear and Morgere 1700 kg doors (monkfish) Other Gear: Groundgear Bosom bag for BT184 Objectives: To map the composition, distribution and abundance of continental slope species including invertebrates on the deepwater slope west of the Hebrides and Rosemary Bank to depths of 2000…

    20th August 2015

  • MRV Scotia: survey 1115S Programme

    Rockall Haddock Survey Duration: 23 August – 3 September 2015 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT 137) with ground gear D Other Gear: CTD – Seabird 19+ Day and Van Veen grabs Objectives: To undertake the bottom trawl survey of haddock on Rockall Bank to a depth of 350 m; To deploy a CTD at selected trawl…

    18th August 2015

  • Life on a research vessel – sampling on the MRV Scotia in the Faroe Shetland Channel

    Ever wondered what it’s like being on a research vessel? We’ve just added a new film to our Youtube channel to give you an idea of just that. Filmed over a number of years, this short programme shows some of the research work that is carried out by the Marine Scotland scientists on board the MRV Scotia. The…

    31st July 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 0915S Programme: MASTS Deep Sea Collaboration Project

    Duration: 16-27 July 2015 Gear: VMUX towed video chariot with HD camera system and integrated CTD 2 X Agassiz trawl 2 X epibenthic sledge (supplied by SAMS) 2 X megacorer (one supplied by UoA) 1 X Van-veen grab 1 X mini gravity corer (supplied by BGS) 1 X lander with video cameras (supplied by UoA)…

    16th July 2015

  • MRV Scotia: survey 0715S update

    The MRV Scotia sailed east from Aberdeen on the 3rd June to begin the Annual Nephrops TV Survey. Work commenced at the Fladen grounds, however after only completing half the planned stations the weather turned poor and the outlook even worse so the vessel made its way for the Minches. In considerably better conditions, stations…

    3rd July 2015

  • MRV Scotia: Survey 0715S Programme

    Nephrops Survey Duration: 3-22 June 2015 Gear: 2 x ScotiaBT175 80mm prawn trawls 2 x Day grabs and 1 x sieving table Towed UWTV sledge 2 x 600m umbilical towing cables and associated TV equipment (including back up). Objectives: To obtain estimates of the abundance and distribution of Nephrops burrow complexes at Fladen, in the…

    2nd July 2015