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  • Understanding behaviour of Northeast Atlantic mackerel

    Scientists from Marine Scotland have been involved in a survey sampling mackerel eggs in the Arctic Circle. Four scientists from Marine Scotland, which is the Scottish Government Directorate responsible for the integrated management of Scotland’s seas, joined the crew of the chartered vessel Marine Fishing Vessel (MFV) Altaire to survey mackerel spawning activity within the…

    21st June 2021

  • Testing technology in the fishing sector

    An international research project that is developing, testing and promoting new technology systems in the fishing sector is being trialled in Scottish waters by Marine Scotland scientists.

    12th February 2020

  • Fish Samples and Mackerel Eggs – ICES Triennial Survey

    MFV Altaire Programme Survey: 0219H Duration: 16-29 April 2019 Fishing/Sampling Gear: Gulf VII Plankton Sampler Objectives: Carry out mackerel egg survey (ICES Triennial Survey) on the western shelf and slope in the area from 55o N to 60o N (see Figure 1 below). Collect fish samples, by trawling, for atresia and fecundity analysis back at…

    26th April 2019

  • Meet Luisa Barros – Fishing Gear Scientist

    Next up in our series of posters from the Science in Government event is from Luisa Barros.  Luisa is a Fishing Gear Scientist that undertakes research into fish behaviour.  Find out more about a typical day for Luisa in her poster below. Further Information: Science in Government 2018 posters Meet Pablo Chevallard our Renewables and…

    28th November 2018

  • Bright lights; Big fish trials

    Survey: 0318A Duration: 8-22 March 2018 Equipment: BT 201 Prawn net – rigged with separator grid and two 80mm codends; Trawl doors, sweeps, bridles, backstrops and pennants; Spare netting and twine; Safety-Net Technologies light unit; PSL5000 light unit x 2; Lindgren Pitman Electralume light x10; 4 x 10m side emitting light cables; Battery pods; Video…

    2nd March 2018

  • The 2nd Buckland Marine Fisheries Colloquium

    Frank Buckland 1826-1880 Pioneer of Fisheries Research & Public Communication  The Buckland Foundation & Edinburgh Marine Network  Present  The 2nd Buckland Marine Fisheries Colloquium  Tuesday 20 October 2015, 18:00-20:30  Room LG.09, David Hume Tower, George Square University of Edinburgh  “Securing the Supply of Food from Marine Fisheries”  Featuring the joint Buckland Professors for 2015 1800–1805:…

    28th September 2015

  • Effects of magnetic fields on the behaviour of eels and salmon

    Two new reports on the potential effects of magnetic fields (MFs) associated with marine renewable energy developments (MREDs) on the behaviour of Atlantic salmon and European eels have been published in Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science. Industrial developments in coastal waters, particularly for harnessing marine renewable energy, require deployment of electricity cables, which generate electromagnetic…

    10th September 2015

  • Why we publish our science

    From Japanese sardines to the effects of mackerel grazing on plankton in New Zealand, Environment Monitoring and Assessment Programme Manager Dr Bill Turrell explains why a 25-year-old Marine Scotland Science paper on understanding mackerel in Scotland is still having an impact today.

    9th July 2020

  • Monitoring the Sights and Sounds of Atlantic Cod

    Many marine organisms, such as whales, dolphins and seals produce sound whilst they are under water. Maybe you’ve heard the clicking noises made by dolphins. But did you know that this is also the case for fish too? This is what PhD student Monika Kosecka has been studying as part of her project on fish…

    23rd March 2020

  • Gear Selectivity in the Moray Firth

    MRV Alba na Mara Survey 1919A   Duration: 4 – 12 November 2019   Gear: Trawl BT201; Net mounted camera system; Scanmar instrumentation; Seltra box incorporating a 300mm square mesh panel   Objectives: To undertake catch comparison trials using a Seltra sorting box rigged into the extension of the BT201. Target species will be commercial gadoids,…

    5th November 2019